Sesame Street’s “The Body” at The Liberty Science Center


As another snowstorm melted away, it was so wonderful to get out with my 22-month-old son and in-laws to spend the day at the Liberty Science Center in Jersey City, New Jersey. We enjoyed a nice lunch, participated in a short science demonstration, and then ventured out to the fourth floor of the science center.

Dressed in a chef's hat and apron my son learned how to make blood!

Dressed in a chef’s hat and apron my son learned how to make blood (not real blood, of course)!


We checked out Sesame Street Presents: The Body Exhibit, an exhibit recommended for ages 2-8. My son absolutely loved the display and it was kid-friendly enough for him to confidently lead us through the various zones. He showed us the famous Sesame Street front door step with a working doorbell.

Then, he led us to the “Staying Healthy” area where children were learning about creating smart daily habits. Hands-down this was my son’s favorite part; I think he would have stayed there all day. He grabbed colorful foods at Baby Bear’s Mini Mart and then he weighed and scanned groceries at Mr. Hooper’s Store. He even grabbed his own grocery basket filled with fruits and vegetables. My son recognized many of the foods and really enjoyed carrying them around in his basket, it felt like food shopping with him finally paid off.


liberty science center nj

Time to check out at Hooper’s Store.


Next, my son was educated about the outside of his body with Your Legs and Feet. He happily kicked the soccer ball in the net and he enjoyed watching Ernie spin as he kicked. He also discovered information about the inside of his body with the Count’s Organ Organ and Digestion with Oscar.


liberty science center nj

Playing some tunes on the Count’s Organ Organ.


Next, we wandered into the Beyond Rubik’s Cube exhibit. An exhibit inspired by Erno Rubik’s invention. The display featured 7,000 square feet of engineering, puzzles, games, history, and art. This exhibit was great for any age. My son was thrilled to try matching the colors of the giant Rubik Cube. He also enjoyed the Cube Mosaic display and we even got to catch a glimpse of a cube valued at $2.5 million dollars! It was really an incredible, not to be missed exhibit.


Rubiks cube lsc

There’s nothing better than a giant Rubik Cube.


One other exhibit that we enjoyed was Our Hudson Home. My son loved to watch the fish in the Harbor Tank. He also enjoyed looking at starfish and turtles.


liberty science center

Taking a moment to appreciate the starfish and the marine life at the Our Hudson Home exhibit.


There was so much more to do at Liberty Science Center. We were there for over three hours and we were only able to cover one floor! We can’t wait to come back to explore.


infinity climber liberty science center

We can’t wait to check out the Infinity Climber next time. The Climber is a play space suspended 35 feet above the atrium floor of the science center!


Sesame Street Presents: The Body Exhibit will be available until May 3, 2015. Admission to the exhibit is included with general museum admission ($19.75 adults 13-61, $16.75 for seniors 62+, $15.75 for ages 2-12, and children under 2 and museum members are free). Visit or call 201-200-1000 for more information.

As a Liberty Science Center Blog Ambassador for the day, I have been provided with vouchers for my visit. All opinions are my own. #SpringBreakLSC






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