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It’s officially scary season, and if you’re looking for serious fright factors, these haunted houses and haunted hayrides in NJ won’t disappoint. From farms that turn to terror at night to the haunted remains of an actual asylum, these haunted NJ attractions are the spookiest and scariest around. And though they’re frightening to see, these haunted attractions are being safe by implementing social distancing and capacity reductions, as well as mask requirements for those creepy creatures and humans. Warning: Haunted hayrides and houses are nightmarishly scary, and have mature themes, so best to leave kids at home when you visit.

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Here are 8 haunted attractions and haunted hayrides in NJ to visit this October

nj mom best haunted hayrides in nj haunted house in nj New Jersey

Have your socks scared off one of the scariest haunted houses in NJ, Timmery Manor at Field of Terror

Field of Terror
Field Of Terror’s fear comes from the legend of a farmer who wanted to create human life, so he crossed his vegetation with the genetics of the townspeople. This creepy haunted farm in NJ has four attractions that let you pick and choose how many you’d like to do. Be on the lookout for zombies and the sketchy characters in the Killer Kornfield, the Haunted Hayride to Terror Town, Timmery Manor, and the Creepy Carnival Paintball Ride.
Weekends and select Thursday nights until November 1st (tickets must be purchased in advance online)
831 Windsor Perrineville Rd
East Windsor

Brighton Asylum
In the 1940s, the Brighton warehouses institutionalized people who were psychologically damaged, so you’ll be going through a re-creation of the actual asylum—yikes. You’ll travel through “The Tunnel,” where you “fight” zombies, and then check into “The Asylum,” which will transport you back to the mental institution’s mysterious origins–all at a COVID-19 safe distance, of course.
Weekends and select Thursdays through November 1st
2 Brighton Avenue

Night of Terror at Creamy Acre Farms
Creamy Acre Farms pulls out all the stops for a truly terrifying experience like Harvest, Dark Dreams, The Ride of Terror, and Haunted Paintball Hayride. From designing this haunted house in NJ with every phobia under the sun (dolls, rats, dentist drills, and more), creating a hayride filled with zombies, killer clowns, and chainsaw-wielding men, each scare will leave you on the edge of your seat.
448 Lincoln Mill Road
Mullica Hill

nj mom best haunted hayrides in nj haunted house in nj New Jersey

Get spooked by Chills By Night at Six Flags Great Adventures HALLOWFEST

Six Flags Hallowfest
Though this haunted attraction has a cute Halloween feel at day (and perfect for littles), it’s terrifying as the sun goes down. The park features four “scare zones,” three shows, and four haunted mazes with their own unique stories and special effects. If the fast-paced rides aren’t enough to thrill you and your family, having ghoulish creatures, mutants, and clowns pop out at you certainly will give you the creeps.
Weekends up until November 1st
1 Six Flags Blvd

Scare Farm
Scare Farm is said to have been cursed since the early 1800s, as legends are told of young men and farmers unknowingly committing dreadful crimes during the Harvest Moon. Creepy Hollow takes you through a haunted trail where you don’t know what’s human or haunted. The Slay Ride introduces you to the three Slay Brothers who cultivated the land and killed anyone associated with it. Paranoia is one of the haunted trails in NJ that takes you through a walk in a cornfield, allegedly planted on sacred burial grounds—watch your back!
Weekends starting October 2nd
120 South Branch Road

Haunted History Tour
If you’re looking for something more kid-friendly, this tour reveals all the unsightly secrets of Bordentown. As guides lead you down unexplored paths under the light of the moon, you’ll hear spine-chilling stories about ghost encounters. No worries about hidden creatures or gore here—the spookiest part is knowing you’re standing right where a paranormal meeting once occurred.
Wednesday—Sunday through October 31st
135 Farnsworth Avenue

Bloodshed Farms Drive-Thru
You don’t get out of the car for this scary scene, but that doesn’t mean it’s not terrifying. As you drive by, you’ll see horrific displays, special effects, and characters from your window. For a horrifying experience, upgrade to the “Blood Bath”—it drenches your car in blood, ectoplasmic goo, and unidentifiable objects.
Weekends through October 31st
2919 Route 206

nj mom best haunted hayrides in nj haunted house in nj New Jersey

Go Haunted Hatchet throwing at the 13th Hour Haunted House

13th Hour Haunted House
The mention of the 13th hour refers to the supernatural, and your experience at this haunted house is sure to send chills down your spine. This haunted house in NJ includes The House of Nightmares, The Attic, and The Darkside of the Hayden House, where you navigate the place in darkness, surrounded by live actors and animatronics. And our favorite? Haunted Hatchets where you can go hatchet-throwing with a haunted twist. On November 1st, the attraction issues a unique challenge, for only the bravest of them all: Try to make it through the first two haunted houses with nothing but a candle to light your way.
Weekends through November 1st
105 West Dewey Avenue


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