Insectropolis: The Bugseum of NJ [#NJMOM Adventure]


New Jersey is home to all kinds of great museums perfect for educational outings with your littles, but did you know it’s also home to a bugseum?! Yes, that’s a thing. Insectropolis: The Bugseum of New Jersey is right in Toms River, and it’s an interactive bug world filled with thousands of beautiful and bizarre insects ready for your kiddos to explore. Set within the architecture of an insect-themed city are dozens of displays waiting to teach your little ones about honey bees, caterpillars, butterflies, cockroaches, tarantulas and plenty of other creepy crawlers. Insectropolis is open Tuesday through Saturday year-round, making it a perfect rainy-day outing, fun field trip or birthday party spot for your little bug buddy.

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Discover the secret world of bugs at Insectropolis, The Bugseum of NJ

When you arrive at Insectropolis, give a wave to the giant Preying Mantis ?? that greets you. The bugseum is purposely laid out to make sure you and the fam gain as much knowledge, and have as much fun learning about bugs, as possible. You’ll begin at Bug University, an exhibit where you will learn the bug basics based on actual scientific classification. You’ll be surprised at just how many insect characteristics and facts you and your littles will be able to share and understand afterward. Next up at the Caterpillar Cafe, your littles can play interactive games on the touch screen computers to learn how insects find food. In this area, you can also observe the aquatic insect tank. And watch closely, you might see the diving beetle catch a snack!

Funky, hands-on bug experiences your kids will never forget

How do bugs communicate? At WBUG Radio, your littles will learn how they don’t speak to each other like humans, but instead have their own language through sound, smell, light and even dancing. Moving onto the Bugseum exhibit, you’ll see how bugs play a role in different cultures. The Insectropolis Zoo features a different anthropod (a type of insect) on display for littles to explore in each season. Other displays like the Creepy Cavern give you an education on spider species. If your kids are up for it, there are plenty of chances for touch presentations at set times throughout they day, though they are completely optional!

What to know before you go

Insectropolis is designed for a wide variety of ages, encourages group visits of all kinds, and also offers memberships. Additionally, Insectropolis hosts various special events throughout the year, so be sure to check out the events calendar to see what bug-friendly fun is coming up next. During the summer, including Saturday, touch presentations are offered throughout the day, at approximately 11AM, 12:30PM and 2PM. From September through June, the touch presentations run Tuesday to Friday at 2PM, and Saturdays once every hour. Admission prices are $10 per visitor, and children 2 and under are free. The bugseum is stroller friendly and located right on Route 9, near plenty of options for a bite to eat after your visit.

For more information, visit Insectropolis on the website, Facebook, and Instagram.

1761 Route 9
Toms River, NJ 08753
(732) 349-7090

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