5 Ways to Switch Up the Weeks From the Weekends


Being in quarantine can make your week seem like one big blur, putting little difference between weekdays and the weekend. Weekend? What’s a weekend? We get it, mama. But there are things you can do to help switch it up and still make it feel different. For ideas, we asked the #NJMOM squad and have a few of our own, on how to mix it up from the week to the weekends.

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Stick to a schedule during the week

Pre-quarantine, you most likely had a schedule of activities you and your family were following. That should be the same case now, even though the only places you’re going are the living room, kitchen, bedroom, and yard. But following a schedule gives structure to your day, makes it feel more purposeful, and helps your kids stay motivated to do schoolwork. Another bonus to having a schedule? The weeks will seem to fly by. Then by the time Friday hits, you’ll be excited to relax and feel like it’s the weekend.


Plan something special on the weekend

On the weekend, making the time more special will give your whole fam something to look forward to. That can be taking a special virtual class, watching Saturday morning cartoons in bed as a family, whipping out a new board game, or having a late Sunday brunch with all the fixings. Making these days more relaxed and fun can boost your mood and give your kids a welcome break from distance learning and screen time.

“Wait, what is a weekend? ??‍♀️ Lately, we will just drive around and see what is going on. On Sundays, my son, daughter, and I have a music class from music together on zoom. Although not the same as in person, we look forward to it every Sunday!” -Carolyn K. on Facebook

Keep the same sleep schedule

Pre-quarantine, we’ve had to be up early to accommodate for the commute to work or school. If you can, keep it that way, and use the earlier time to do things like tidy up and chores. On the weekends ease up like you normally would have done—don’t set an alarm, let everyone catch a few more zzz’s, and if you can’t, then at least try to lay in bed for a bit longer than usual.

“This swing came on Saturday. It is going to be great! Thank goodness for a yard and mild weather!” via Jo A. on Facebook

Spend more time outside on the weekends

During the week when you have work and school, you’re most likely spending the majority of your time inside the house. Make the weekend a time where you get more outside fresh air and sunlight. This will set you up for a better week, both physically and mentally. Whether it’s the front yard or the backyard, the front porch, or your balcony, get outside as much as you can on the weekend. Play games, plant and tend to a small garden (it can be flowers and plants, or fruits and vegetables— did you know you could order seeds online?), BBQ and cook outside, study the stars at night, plan a makeshift at-home “beach day,” or order a new fire pit and have the kids cook s’ mores.

Have a Saturday date night with your S.O.

You’re probably wondering, “How on earth am I supposed to plan a date night during quarantine?” We’ve got you covered with these great ideas for a quarantine date night with your S.O. And the weekend is the perfect time to do it—put the kids to bed a little earlier and carve out time for that special person in your life. Your relationship will thank you.


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