Get your free cell phone sleeping bag now! National Day of #Unplugging, March 1-2


I unplug to ________________________. (Fill in the blank) Reconnect? See your city? Have an uninterrupted meal? Play games with the kids? Give your wrist a rest?

Goodnight moon, goodnight phone

Whatever the reason is, this National Day of Unplugging will remind you of what’s most important – for 24 hours, anyway. From sundown to sundown on March 1 to 2, take a digital detox from technology and reconnect with yourselves, your loved ones, and your communities in real time. Take the pledge and get a FREE cell phone sleeping bag (the cutest little thing we’ve seen lately; make sure to order yours now because it takes 2-3 weeks to ship). You can join the movement by doing the following:

  1. Pledge to unplug
  2. Host an event
  3. Unplug youth

And in case you need some ideas on how to unplug with your family, we’ve got you covered – read on to discover our favorite outdoor unplugging adventures around New Jersey:

Here are 5 kid-friendly outdoor adventure guides in New Jersey:

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More fun things to do:

13 Top Ice Skating Rinks in New Jersey
Aquariums around New Jersey
Museums around New Jersey
Lighthouses around New Jersey
Zoos around New Jersey

Tuck in those digital babies, turn on your social media “Gone Away” message with one of these fun downloadable images, and be sure to tag #NJMOM and #NJMOMunplugged if you join the movement!

Will you be joining us to unplug? We’d love to hear what you do offline.

Psst! Did you grab a cell phone sleeping bag? Don’t forget to hashtag #NJMOM and tag @njmom and your little cuties could be featured in our next photo round-up.


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