275+ Playgrounds and Parks in NJ


Finding a fun and stimulating playground or park in NJ for your children can feel like you’ve hit the lottery. Locating more than one park or playground that offers something different than the mundane activities; you’ve pretty much hit the jackpot! At NJ Mom, we’re constantly asking, ‘What do your kids love to do in NJ? Where are the best playgrounds and activities that keep your kids happy, even after multiple visits?” After a lot of research and the help of our amazing community of moms in New Jersey, we’ve created the definitive guide to helping you find the best parks and playgrounds from all of New Jersey’s counties.

275 Playgrounds & Parks in NJ

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parks in njHow’d we do with our list of playgrounds and parks in New Jersey? With a list of over 275 playgrounds and parks in NJ, we hope you and your family endless playground fun!

Don’t see your favorite park or playground on the list? Leave a comment letting NJ Mom’s know your favorite and we will add it to our list!

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