10 Mom Summer Essentials


Rummaging through all of the unnecessary items in your purse on a hot summer day is definitely not ideal. Sticking to these ten mom summer essentials will make it easier to find what you’re looking for while keeping your load light.

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1. Sunscreen

“You never know when you might find yourself in an impromptu visit to the beach or park!” -Reesa Lewandowski at www.mommalew.com. Reesa suggests using Babyganics sunscreen for her and her little ones. This sunscreen is perfect because with a mineral based 50+ SPF your child will be able to play in the sun without getting burnt. In addition, the UVA/UVB protections combined with a tear free element make this item perfect for our mom summer essentials. Can’t think of a beach or park to take your little ones? Check out NJ Mom’s Beach Badge Guide or 275+ Playgrounds and Parks in NJ for some help.

2. Baby Wipes

Whether you’re cleaning your child, the car, or a table in the park baby wipes are a definite essential. “Not only for clean ups, [baby wipes]are also great for relieving bug bites, cool down sweaty kids and even first aid for skin abrasions.” –Rochie DeSagun at www.thefrugalistamom.com. Although these wipes are small they will make big differences in your life. These wipes are thicker, stronger, and more absorbent than ever.

3. Snacks

Recommended by Jennifer Auer at www.Jerseyfamilyfun.com. Busy days can often call for starving kids. Pack food in your purse to ensure full tummies for everyone – even you. Make sure to pack quick, easy, and healthy snacks that won’t make a mess. SkinnyPop Popcorn or Non-GMO Kind Granola Bars are perfect treats to pick up at Whole Foods. Pack some small fruit like fresh apples from your local NJ Farmer’s Market as well. Don’t forget to pack a bottle of water, too.

4. Band Aids

“Kids are prone to getting boo boos in the summer. Just having the affected area covered by a ‘cartoony’ bandaid can stop a child from crying too long.” –Theresa Tee at www.beauteefulliving.com. On the playground, in the car, or even on the sidewalk kids can get small cuts very easily. The key to surviving full meltdown mode is to be prepared with band aids at all times. Make sure to get ones with characters that your child likes in order to make them smile faster.

5. A fully charged cell phone & back-up battery charger

You never know when you’ll need to make a quick call to the sitter, a doctor, or your significant other. Melanie Lynn at www.moveitmommy.com says, “My toddler was stung by a bee for the first time recently and I was able to contact his doctor quickly and it made a stressful situation much more manageable.” A phone can definitely make being a mom easier and bringing a portable charger is also very helpful.

6. Travel Size Deodorant

Running around doing errands, working, and playing with your kids can leave you sweaty, stressed, and smelly. To stay fresh and feeling good all day, be sure to pack travel size deodorant wherever you go. You never know what the day will bring or who you may run into, so deodorant is a definitely one of our mom summer essentials.

7. Hand Sanitizer

Throughout a single day, a child’s hands can be in a million different places. Just a little drop of hand sanitizer can wipe away all of the germs your little one could be carrying. Try a scent that makes both you and the kids staying clean.

8. Tide To Go Pen

Recommended by Liz Rampolla Lentis at www.littelist.com. From ketchup on your child’s pant to coffee on your new shirt the Tide To Go Pen is a mom summer essential to have as it eliminates any evidence of a wardrobe malfunction. This item is perfect because it is easy to use, works fast, and doesn’t leave a mess.

9. Cash

You never know when the chimes of an Ice Cream Man can leave your child begging for a sweet treat, so make sure to have some money on you at all times. Having quarters may also be helpful, too if you plan on parking in a place where you have to pay for a meter. Summer days can take you in many different directions, so having a little cash on you is always good.

10. Bug spray

A summer mom essential perfect for sporting events, hikes, or even playing on the playground. No one wants to see their child itching away at big red bites all summer, so just a quick spray will do the trick.


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