Mama Got A Stroller Tune-Up At Bambi Baby And It Was Amazing


I have three kiddos four and under and I’ve had the same stroller since the first was born. Needless to say, my UPPAbaby Vista has seen a lot. Currently, all three ride on it—with the baby in the regular seat, my 2-year-old in the rumble seat up front, and my four-year-old riding the PiggyBack kickboard on the back. It’s a workhorse stroller and really has proven its lasting power for our family. But everyday life has definitely left it with its bumps and bruises. The brake was sticking a bit, the frame has its fair share of scratches and god knows the wheels and seats were in need of a deep clean. And just in time for lots of spring walks with my littles, Bambi Baby in Middletown came to the rescue with their UppaBaby TuneUp GearUp event (pre-pandemic) where I got a chance to get a complimentary stroller service.

featured image via @youngcaballerolife

If you’ve never seen or heard about one of these FREE events before, you’re in for a treat, mamas. Wheels cleaned and tuned, check. Frame wiped and polished, checked. Upholstery sprayed down and spot cleaned, check. And (finally) four years later, I finally know how to brake my stroller properly…turns out it was user error (aka mama always being in a rush) that was causing it to jam. UppaBaby does these periodically around the country for free for customers, but big news: Bambi Baby in Paramus will soon have an in-store hub where you can make an appointment to have your UppaBaby stroller or car seat serviced like this anytime, all year round. Huge mom win!

#NJMOM Veronica with her cuties in their tuned-up stroller and carseat, via @youngcaballerolife

We loved seeing our #NJMOM squad coming in for the TuneUp GearUp, getting their stroller makeovers, and wheeling out of Bambi Baby all smiles (mom and kiddos). For more info on Bambi Baby’s new UppaBaby hub, click here or check out the store at 491 Rt. 17 South in Paramus.


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