8 Things To Do In Morristown With Kids: History, Culture And Fun


Three hundred years ago, when George Washington created his headquarters during the American Revolution, he knew there was something special about Morristown. And today, it still rings true—the town’s historical layout with The Green Park in the center makes it a unique spot for anyone looking to take a day trip, thanks to its diverse and cultured things to do with kids. Morristown has something for history buffs (we see you, Ford Mansion), forever learners (Morris Museum), a center for culture (hello MPAC), and those looking for beauty (The Green). No matter what season it is, Morristown has so many things to do that will keep your family coming back to discover something new. Want more places to explore in NJ? Here are some other downtowns in the Garden State. (featured photo credit: stock/Rabbitti)

Morristown Green Statue

See “The Alliance” statue on the Morristown Green. Photo Credit: istock/Rabbitti

Walk The Green

Back when Washington was around, The Green was the center of the town and one of the top things to do in Morristown. That still holds today—the 2.62-acre Green surrounding the town is now a park and one of only two historical greens that have survived in NJ. It’s been a source of transformation throughout the years from a pasture for livestock to the spot of the county’s first courthouse, pillory, and jail to a meeting spot for citizens to discuss their grievances with the British.  And, of course, General George Washington lived at Arnold’s Tavern, right by The Green during the American Revolution. Today, you can visit The Green and enjoy a picnic in the park, join a festival, see “The Alliance” statue, observe the Soldiers At Rest War Monument from 1871, or step into the historic Presbyterian Church on the Green (built in 1738-40) with a landmark graveyard that contains over 70 soldiers who fought in the  American Revolution. 

things to do in morristown town

Downtown Morristown is full of things to do, from tours to restaurants to must-see shops. Photo Credit: NJ MOM

Tour the town

To get your bearings and learn more about the history, sign up for one of the Morris County Walking Tours. Various tours pop up throughout the year, like the Historic District House Tour in May. You can also create your own self-guided tour throughout Morristown by using their maps that show either historical sites, monuments, or points of interest, or follow their Morristown Public Art Map to see murals and mosaics around town.

things to do in morristown phone

Visit “the birthplace of the telegraph” at the Historic Speedwell. Photo Credit: NJ MOM

Hats off to history

History buffs will want to make a beeline to the Ford Mansion, most famously known for serving as George Washington’s military headquarters. Today, it’s a museum with period furnishings, including the rooms where George Washington went over his war plan, and you can take a guided tour to learn more about him and the mansion. About a 10-minute walk from The Green is MacCulloch Hall Historical Museum, where you can see European and American fine and decorative art collections, historic gardens, and special events. Kids will love learning about the Industrial Revolution at the newly reopened Historic Speedwell, where Samuel Morse and Alfred Vail showed people their electromagnetic telegraph in 1838, ushering in a new way to communicate messages across far distances through electric currents known as Morse Code. The 18th-century buildings, interactive museum, and park are worth checking out. If you want to see more history but don’t mind heading slightly out of town, head over to the grounds of Jockey Hollow, where the Continental Army camped out during the winter of 1779 to 1780 (the coldest winter on record) and chopped down over 600 acres of trees to build shelter and make fires.

things to do in Morristown Mayo

The Mayo Performing Arts Center has a variety of shows all year long. Photo Credit: NJ MOM

See the arts come to life

For families that want to see a show, Mayo Performing Arts Center down the road on South Street is the place to go. Now in its 29th season, the Mayo Performing Arts Center has become one of New Jersey’s arts and cultural organizations, with more than 200 performances yearly, including many children’s performances during the day. Or head to the Bickford Theatre at The Morris Museum for jazz, outdoor concerts, film programs, and the Live Arts series, which emphasizes new works in theatre, dance, music, family-themed shows, and circus arts.

things to do in morristown speedwell 2

The Historic Speedwell is full of sites to see. Photo Credit: NJ MOM

Explore Morristown museums

Did you know Morristown is the only NJ museum with a Smithsonian affiliation? The Morris Museum started with a single collection in the early 1900s and grew to exhibitions, educational programs, and live performances. Kids can learn about NJ’s Native American history, watch a model train wind through an ever-changing miniature display, and touch a dinosaur egg in the Earth Science Gallery. If museums are your family’s things, spend the time outside of town going to nearby Fosterfields Living Historical Farm, a 218-acre farm that transports guests back to the 1800s. This New Jersey and National Register Historic Site is complete with farm animals, crops, period furnishings, and machinery from the turn of the 20th century. You can visit the Farmhouse, the Gothic Revival Willows mansion, the interactive Transportation exhibit (including restored period autos), and various unique flower and vegetable gardens. 

things to do in Morristown street

Take a walk down South Street in Downtown Morristown. Photo Credit: NJ MOM

Shop the downtown

For shopping, strolling along South Street is where you can find clothing, wine, jewelry, and unique boutiques. Step into Just Jersey, filled with local goods with a Jersey twist, like state-shaped pasta to a “Down the Shore Everything’s Alright” Springsteen coaster. Or wander into Enjou Chocolat on a side street in Morristown to try their homemade, delectable treats with solid chocolate “I Love You” or delicious truffles. Down the road, littles will love to stop into The Learning Express & The Teaching Room to have an interactive shopping experience with a “neighborhood toy store” vibe.

things to do in morristown waterfall

Speedwell Lake Park has a playground and walking paths for the whole family. Photo Credit: NJ MOM

Playtime for little and big kids

Need a break for you and the kids? Let littles run loose at the Kid and Caboodle Indoor Play Cafe, which has everything from sensory toys to pretend play and climbing structures for playtime, so adults can sit back and enjoy a cup of coffee. For bigger kids looking for a fun way to spend an afternoon, the Morristown Game Vault is a retro arcade open 7 days a week with over 100 arcade games and pinball machines housed in a former bank building. The Glassworks Crafting Studio is another stop for families that want to get creative. You can work on the Project of the Month or create a masterpiece that includes anything from nightlights to ornaments. At last, the Morristown & Morris Township Library is another kid-friendly spot with books and various family-friendly events ranging from Baby Stories & Songs to Saturday Craft Story Time. 

things to do in Morristown creamery

The South Street Creamery is a sweet stop in downtown Morristown. Photo Credit: NJ MOM

Discover dinner, drinks, and desserts

When it’s time for a bite, continue down South Street to grab a coffee and fresh-from-the-oven pastry from Lokl Cafe, or head across the street for all-day pancakes and burgers at The Committed Pig. And a must stop for any visit is a slice at Coniglio’s—Nino Coniglio not only won the World Pizza Championships in Italy, but the shop is known for square pies (they do round too) using the freshest ingredients. Agricola on South Street is another tasty stop for brunch, lunch, or dinner. Looking for something sweet? Stop in the kid-friendly South Street Creamery with homemade ice cream flavors like Purple Cow Tracks or Sweet Cream, or try one of their delicious sweet or savory crepes. 

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