How the #NJMOM Squad is Staying Sane at Home


Let’s face it—this quarantine fatigue is real. As we enter yet another month, being home all the time is enough to make a whole family go crazy (am I right or am I right?). But the #NJMOM squad is here to tell us that they’re finding small but significant ways to save their sanity. It might a 30-minute sweat sesh, hunkering down with a project or getting a dose of fresh air—here are a few ways to make you feel less stir-crazy.

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Make time for movement

Coffee, exercise, knowing my family’s healthy, cooking, keeping to my kiddos normal bedtime, wine, and Money Heist on Netflix ?” via Andrea K. on Facebook

Whether it’s a quick virtual workout in the basement, a yoga flow with your S.O. before the kids wake or a mid-day dance break with the whole fam, movement can make all the difference when you’re hanging at the house (double that on rainy days). Want to incorporate the littles? Gymboree, My Gym, or YogiBaby Music & Movement are offering virtual classes you can do together. When you get alone time, try XBarre or Bhakti Barn Yoga. Check out the #NJMOM List of Quarantine-Friendly Businesses for more movement classes for kids and adults.

“Redoing my dining room table! Was light oak color…” via Michelle D. on Facebook

Start a side project
If you’re itching to keep busy, a home improvement project is a good way to avert all that pent-up energy to something constructive. Try reorganizing a room (include your littles if you can) or that DIY project you’ve been eyeing on Pinterest—just doing it can make you feel accomplished and get your mind off of the news for a while.

Find the fresh air

My 4 mile walks everyday rain or shine” via Michel W.C. on Facebook
Since we’re on our screens and sitting more than ever, it’s crucial to step away and go outdoors. Make it a point to have everyone outside for at least 10 minutes and soak up that fresh air and sunshine—being out of the house can work wonders for your whole family’s sanity (and help beat cabin fever).

Embrace being home with your kids

Believe it or not my kids—they are pure love and the brightest lights in my world. They keep me occupied and busy.” via Tara C.M. on Facebook

So being with your kids 24/7 is getting to be a bit much? Between work and activities, you may have never spent this much time with them. Turn the thoughts of going crazy into a silver lining, by taking a moment to appreciate it and be grateful for this time. You may surprise yourself that once this is all over, you’ll look back at this family bonding over board games, laughs, and silly breaks as memorable.

Taking some time to yourself to read a book or meditate can do wonders for your sanity via @parisandalatte

Take a self-care break

Taking moments each day for yourself will go a long way to feeling normal—self-care helps you to reboot, gather your thoughts, escape the monotony of every day at home, and calm your nerves. When you’re taking care of yourself, you can be more present for your family and your work. While taking a few breaths and relaxing is always a good one, there are a lot of other things you can do—get inspired by these ideas to bring more self-care into your quarantine routine.


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