Why Self Care Is A Must During Quarantine


Let’s face it—6 weeks and counting under quarantine is A LOT. Maybe it’s because you’re the teacher, friend, counselor, cleaner, and cook rolled into one (bonus points if you also WFH). If you’re feeling like you never have a minute to yourself (um, even bathroom time gets hijacked if you have littles), we hear you. That’s why taking time for self-care—whether it’s a beauty treatment, meditation, or just a long, hot shower—is essential to keeping you sane. To help you out, we gathered a few self-care tips, courtesy of our #NJMOM squad, and some of our fave local businesses. So, put the kids to bed early or wake up before everyone else, and try one, because mama—you deserve it. 

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“Gratitude meditation! Every morning my daughter and I spend 5-10 minutes talking about what we are grateful for and what makes us happy. We close our eyes and think about all the happy things in our lives and how we can make each day joyful. It helps to start the day on the right foot.” via Stacy B. on Facebook


Whether it’s alone or with your kiddos, meditation does wonder for the mind, body, and soul. You can do it in the morning, midday to gather your thoughts and regroup with yourself, or at the end of the day to wind down. If you need tips on how to do it, the Co-Co is teaming up with local Mindfulness and Meditation instructor, Anne Sussman, to host an online event to learn all about stress and the ways meditation can tame it. Learn some mindfulness techniques to help you stay calm and experience a short guided meditation to unwind at the end of the day.


Treat yourself

Retail therapy is a real thing—whether it’s shopping for a new loungewear outfit, ordering your food from your favorite restaurant, or buying yourself flowers online— receiving a treat on your doorstep is a sure way to brighten your day. And why not support small businesses too: The Monogram Corner has a ton of cute and fun accessories (like Bali beads, monogrammed bracelets and earrings) home decor (like personalized wood boards,) and clothing that you can personalize and feel good in. They’re still offering shipping and local pick-up. Or if you’re pregnant, check out Stowaway Collection for a ton of adorable maternity styles that will keep you comfy at home and when quarantine is over. They’re offering 20% off when you use the code ‘HOBOKEN20’.


Get a virtual nanny

Booking a session with a virtual nanny can give you that break you need from trying to entertain your kids and some alone time. Nicole’s Nannies offers virtual sitters who will read books to your children, help with homework, play games, or just be there to chat and keep them occupied—and help keep you sane.



Boost your mood and your fitness level: Check out the studios and gyms that have gone completely virtual offering all kinds of classes like, pilates, barre, yoga, cycling, and so much more. You can do one class flat fee, or you can purchase a membership and have access to their entire library, schedule, and/or virtual studio. D*FIT in Montclair has Virtual Lives Classes Unlimited, which include 14-days of classes for just $85. Tula Yoga NJ is offering yoga and barre classes and packages starting at just $10. For more, check out our list of #NJMOM Quarantine-Friendly Businesses offering fitness classes all around NJ.

This Mother’s Day self-care box from Natural Mama Boxes includes products organic bath bomb and organic foot lotion to help relax any mama at any stage of life.

Have a spa day

Even though you can’t get to a spa right now, you can still have a spa day. Mix up a homemade skin mask from your pantry, take a relaxing bath, or try a beauty product you’ve been eyeing.  Luminous Med Spa can lend a hand with huge discounts on products (hello, 24kt gold under-eye patches) and hair color kits, plus free shipping, local delivery, and even 1-on-1 virtual consults. Alchemy Mind and Body is offering at-home self-care kits, and Natural Mama Boxes is offering Mother’s Day, Baby Shower, and Trimester self-care boxes that are great for any stage of motherhood. Plus, NJMOM readers get a special discount with code ‘LOCAL10’. Grab a glass of wine, put on a comfy robe, and get ready to feel like a whole new woman.

“My self-care tips are always getting in that shower—a 10-minute hot shower is such a pick me up and makes me feel refreshed. I make a nice little body scrub with things I have in my pantry, and it makes me feel so good after. Take 2 minutes to go over your daily affirmations – I am worthy, I am enough, and I can do this. This has helped set the tone for the day when things get hectic or out of my control. I’ve also incorporated moving my body every day. It’s been so good for my mental wellness and my health, especially during this time. We can do this ladies! ❤️” via Nicole F. on Facebook. 

Dress up

So, you’ve been rotating wearing yoga pants and sweats every day? To give yourself a boost, do what you did before quarantine—get dressed. Put on jeans and a springy sweater or top (after all, the seasons have changed since we’ve been staying at home). Or make it point to dress for dinner on the weekends as if you were going out by putting on makeup, a comfy dress, or just a pretty blouse and earrings. You’ll feel more like yourself and be ready for those impromptu Zoom drinks with your friends.



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