Explore The Best of East Brunswick, NJ with Bentley {#NJMOM of the Week}


Our #NJMOM of the week takes us on an adventure through a new town with one of our Garden State moms spilling the beans on the best places to eat, play, and shop in her ‘hood. Just think of it as a real mom’s guide with insider intel you need to know – because mom life gets a lot more groovy when you supplement your usual go-to’s with some new ideas for dining or play dates with the kids, or a fun visit to a new city.

The Real NJMOMs of NJ: Bentley Quaye, East Brunswick

Are you looking for tips on fashion, beauty, and lifestyle from a cool mom? Look no further than Bentley Quaye and her blog about family, fashion, and excursions, OhSoBentley. Before blogging, Bentley worked ten years as a model and actress. After a successful career in the entertainment industry, Bentley now coaches and advises clients on how to build their brands.

She’s a lifestyle curator, marketing maven, full-time mom – a “Jane of all trades” as she likes to say. When she isn’t running around with the kids or blogging, she maintains the books and finances for the car dealership that her husband owns.

Bentley lives in East Brunswick with her husband, daughter, and son. What does she love about this city?

There’s a small town vibe here, everyone knows your name. Neighbors are friendly, remove snow from your vehicle, and shovel your driveway after a storm.

Read on for Bentley’s favorite places to eat, play, and shop in East Brunswick, New Jersey – and a pearl of wisdom on motherhood she’d like to tell other NJMOMs.

EAT in East Brunswick

You’ll have plenty of gusto after this salad! via

Gusto Grill is a local East Brunswick fave! With offerings aplenty, Gusto has something for everyone in the family. The children love the flatbread and burgers, while hubby and I return for the kale salad and seasonal cocktails.

PLAY in East Brunswick

Family yoga at the Super Fun Time gym, fun for the whole family via 

Super Happy Fun Time Gym (that’s a mouth full) is a toddler’s wonderland. It’s my son Hunter’s favorite play place. We spend hours there enjoying bounce houses, obstacle ranges, and crafts. The play time gym offers classes such as yoga, gymnastics, and karate. All of which we’ve enjoyed over the years.

SHOP in East Brunswick

via Bentley Quaye

(Kanye shrug) There is NO good shopping in East Brunswick (Editor’s note: help!). For online shopping, I rely on Nordstrom and Revolve to satiate my hunger for shopping. When you gotta shop, you gotta shop!

Bentley’s Pearl of Wisdom: On Motherhood

For me, the balancing act is the most challenging thing about motherhood. Working toward my personal goals takes a backseat to my family’s needs. There’s not enough time for a social life as I’m too busy with PTA meetings, Mocha Mom events, lacrosse games and such. Things are ever changing. As children grow, their needs change, so must my approach.

My advice: Don’t forget about YOU! It’s easy to lose yourself in motherhood. Take time to reconnect with yourself.

For more East Brunswick adventures, follow Bentley on Instagram @ohsobentley.

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