Deb Foglia, Seeking Lavender Lane {Our NJMOMpreneur of the Week}


In this unusual time, making our homes into a sanctuary is paramount, but Deb Foglia, our NJMOMpreneur of the week, has been doing that all along with her blog, Seeking Lavender Lane. Through her candle company Fleur & Flame and the recent creation of her Home Healing Facebook Group, she’s helping others turn their homes into places they love and find a space to feel calm in these uncertain times. We talked to Deb about how her advice is so necessary now, what she’s doing to bring people together and the NJ businesses she’s supporting online.

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Deb Foglia is the face behind Seeking Lavender Lane via @seekinglavenderlane

Since there are several parts to your business, how do they all work together?
Seeking Lavender Lane has been my main platform for the last seven years where most of my content is found and where I’ve shared DIY, decorating, and tips throughout the years. I have always had a passion for design, but recently, I started a group and “lifestyle” called Home Healing. I’ve taught people decorating tips, but I knew my home was more than just some pretty decorations—I’ve created an oasis in my home by using the senses and being creative. It’s been therapeutic, and I wanted to share that by encouraging and inspiring other women to do weekly creative projects and love their homes. While I was sharing ideas on how to do this, I came up with Fleur & Flame, a candle subscription, where each new month you gift yourself the gift of a home fragrance. I loved the idea that my followers could now have their homes smell just like mine and it could be not only a way for them to love their home more but also a chance for me to bridge the gap from my computer into their homes.

Deb’s subscription candle business brings the scents she loves into her follower’s homes.

Tell us a little bit about yourself and the area of NJ that you are from?
I am originally from PA, and I moved to NJ in high school and then attended Montclair State as a fashion major.  After I graduated, I took an internship with Kleinfeld Bridal and after a month in I was hired as an Accessories Consultant and did that for seven years. What most people don’t know about me is that I had my son while I was a junior in college, and I married my husband when I was 21. I had my daughter at 24 and we bought our first house when I was 25. We had been living in Howell, but two years ago we renovated our new home in Farmingdale. We love how it’s rural, but also only a 20-minute drive to the beach.

Deb’s kitchen is a perfect example of a true farmhouse style.

Is this a career that you always pictured yourself doing or did you start in another field?
Definitely not a career I would have ever imagined. I don’t really love writing and I thought I would work in the fashion industry and travel the world. I always pictured myself working in NYC and possibly living there someday. Here I am now loving my “country” home and I am not a big fan of NY at all. The funny thing is when I started my blog it was because I was following one other blogger that I found on Pinterest. I did not even know what blogging was and I thought—I want to do what she does. So, one day I just started a blog and I never looked back. I have learned so much over the years with having a website, understanding and growing through social media, and photography. I can’t say my writing is that much better, but I’ve come to like it. I am still learning every day and it’s an evolving business.

Here is another peek into Seeking Lavender Lane.

How would you describe your style?
I would consider my home style of European Farmhouse. I love the old charm of European cottages and the mix of the casual feel of the farmhouse lifestyle. I prefer neutrals and all things vintage. It’s hard to have your own unique look as an influencer, so it’s something I try to aim for. I want my feed to feel a little different than the rest, so not everyone feels that they must have one style to be happy with their home.

Holiday fun with Deb and her kids.

Is your family involved in your business?
My husband likes to call himself the unsung hero in Seeking Lavender Lane— he’s my handyman. I wouldn’t be able to do a lot of what I do without him. He is also my constant ear and always encourages me. He believes in most of my ideas, but I certainly frighten him when I approach him with my famous “I have an idea” pitch. My kids have come to like home decor and mom’s constant videos. Most recently, we had a magazine feature and my daughter was so excited she snuck the magazine off to school so she could show her classmates. It was so sweet and she’s certainly proud.
Any valuable lessons that you have learned while creating your brand?
Well, I am learning constantly, but I will say how important it is to be consistent not to be afraid to show the good, bad, and ugly—and to keep in mind why people are coming back. It took me a long time to figure out that it’s not only sharing content, but it’s also about teaching and involving your audience.
Your Home Healing page is such a perfect group for others trying to find peace during this confusing time. What inspired you to start the group? 
Home Healing came on a day when I was having a hard time. I was feeling burnt out and I just did not know if I wanted to keep going with it. But I kept seeing women who were hurting and how much they needed a creative outlet—I had one reader tell me, who was going through a hard time, that she found a new love for decorating because of my page and it had really helped her. Initially, I thought I was going to write a book, but after a while, I realized it wasn’t a book— it needed to be a group, a community, and a place where I could really form this idea of Home Healing. I truly feel with the right candle, playlist, creative task, and pretty home, we can find a way to feel better about our situations, even now as we are spending all our time in our homes.

Deb encourages others to try new things, like putting together charcuterie boards.

Are there any local businesses that you are supporting virtually right now?
I love Maeberrie Market, I may order from them this weekend and The Herbary. The Herbary has listed some online products for local porch drop off. Also, I just started sharing a #HomeHealingChallenge daily to my Instagram stories, Home Healing Group and Facebook page. It’s a daily idea to do around the house while home during the quarantine.

Deb’s husband of 10 years has supported her in all her endeavors. 

What’s next for you?
I don’t know what is quite next, but I will tell you I am a dreamer. I love the idea that as an influencer the opportunities are endless. I do believe in Home Healing and that’s the direction I’m heading in with my business. I’d love to have an online shop, I have a curated collection coming up in mid-April with a vintage prints company, I have more ideas for subscription boxes, and possibly a vintage market I would love to launch. Big goals would certainly be to write a book and afraid to say it…TV? I love the adventure of it all!


For more information about Seeking Lavender Lane and Home Healing group, click here.

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