Best Alpaca Farms to Visit in NJ

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When you’re thinking about a cute cuddly animal to visit with the kids, you’re probably thinking puppies, kittens, or barnyard animals. But you probably haven’t considered a cute, cuddly, gentle-hearted alpaca. Yes, New Jersey is a hotbed for alpaca farms, there are over 10 alpaca farms around the Garden State.Your littles will love cozying up to the gentle creatures and learning about how their fur is used to make lots of products yearly (all 100% safe and animal-friendly).

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Why you need to visit an alpaca farm with your family:

Alpacas are gentle-hearted, soft, cozy animals that come from the camelid family, which includes llamas and camels, too. Alpacas generally live to be between 18 and 24 years of age and come in 22 different natural colors. Their fur is used for capes, shawls, scarves, sweaters, gloves, socks, and other items.

via Highland Airs Alpaca Ranch

What makes these animals really special is their ability to communicate and listen. According to Highland Airs Alpaca Ranch, the animals only need to be trained 3 or 4 times to do something before they understand and retain the information. They recognize commands from humans and communicate with each other by humming. Ready to plan your visit to an alpaca farm in New Jersey?

Here are the best alpaca farms to visit in New Jersey:

via Bluebird Farm Alpacas

Bluebird Farm Alpacas

Cozy up to the alpacas at Bluebird Farm Alpacas located in Peapack, New Jersey. Less than an hour from New York City, this farm is situated amongst rolling hills and acres of farmland. This farm encourages you to visit the farm, meet the herd, take pictures, and possibly adopt one of the gentle creatures. Open farm weekends run throughout December. Call to schedule tours and visits on additional days and times.
44 Willow Ave., Peapack, NJ 07977
(908) 625-4110

Alpacas are ancient (domesticated 6.000 years ago), indigenes to the Andes Mountains, living at 6,500 – 15,000 feet. They can be therapeutic, because of their calm nature, curious disposition, and cute funny looks.” – Nick Villa, Farm Coordinator at Bluebird Farm 

via Highland Airs Alpaca Ranch

Highland Airs Alpaca Ranch

Highland Airs Alpaca Ranch, is located on 30 acres of peaceful woodland in Hackettstown, New Jersey. The ranch is home to 23 alpacas, 1 llama, an alpaca gift store, one husky, and two very passionate owners. Your family can tour the barn, walk the alpacas, and feed them by hand. We know your littles will love meeting the furry, gentle-hearted creatures. Highland Airs is open Monday to Friday, by appointment only, so you can call to schedule a tour. In need of a gift for a special occasion? Check out Highland Airs’ Adopt An Alpaca program. Tours are $10 for adults and $5 for kids.
10 River Rd., Hackettstown, NJ 07840
(707) 330-7178

via Edel Haus Farm

Edel Haus Farm

Look at how cute and cuddly these animals can be. Edel Haus Farm, located in Wall, began renovating it’s space in 2010 in hopes of making the farm and barn a space for the community to come together. The farm is open every Saturday from 11AM to 4PM year round, and it invites you to bring your family to visit the alpacas and feed them. The farm encourages class trips and groups to schedule day trips. Come and find peace with the animals.
2660 Allaire Rd., Wall, NJ 07719
(732) 890-1024

They are docile, gentle, and social. They enjoy children, do not bite, and will pose for pictures. They are soft to the touch and will eat out of your hand. Alpacas serve a purpose, we have a Farm Store where you can purchase socks, hats, mittens, scarves that are soft as cashmere yet twice as warm. The fiber is hypoallergenic, wicks natural, and does not retain a smell.” – John Edelhauser, Owner of Edelhaus Farm

More alpaca farms around New Jersey:
Jersey Shore Alpacas in Cape May
Windy Farm Alpacas in Chesterfield
Winding Creek Alpaca Farm in Egg Harbor
Cedar Lane Alpacas in Howell
My Poppy’s Alpacas in New Egypt
Humming Meadows Alpacas in Newton
Far & Away Alpaca Farm in Tabernacle
Arrow Acres Alpaca Farm in Wall Township

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