#NJMOM Hack: Try Hockey For Free Day


Ready to introduce your little one to a fun, new sport? Consider giving a hockey a test run on November 10th, 2018 and February 23rd, 2019 – for free. On these two dates, many locations across the country will allow kids to try hockey for the day – for free. Try Hockey For Free Day is geared toward four to nine-year-old boys and girls with over 300 local rinks from across the US participating in this fun day.

While the new dates have been released, additional information is soon to follow. Check back on these details here.

On Try Hockey for Free Day kids will have an opportunity to attend clinics focused on different aspects of the sport. Equipment is provided free of charge and many locations across New Jersey will be participating. Rinks ask that you register your little ones prior to attending to guarantee a spot.

Give a little, get a lot

A lot of locations rely on the help of volunteers to spend time with the kids throughout the day. Many jobs are available and range from on the ice assistance, checking in the kids, helping them properly dress and even marketing. If you’re interested in volunteering or helping out on the day, reach out to your local skating rink to see if they need your help.

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