An All Natural Weight Loss Journey: Why Weight?!


Just before I started the Why Weight?! Program I was nervous about being able to stay on track while going through the demands of my personal and professional life.

Personally, as a nursing mother of a ten month old baby, it intimidated me to change my diet and habits. I was used to eating freely and anytime I felt a twinge of hunger. Also, I had a vacation scheduled with my large extended family right in the middle of the program where we were renting a house for a long weekend. I knew that food would be a big part of our time away and I wondered about my ability to avoid the mindless eating. I also had several parties planned while I would be on the program, including a baby shower, a night away in New York City and my mother’s retirement party. Normally, these are the times I really let loose and indulge.

Professionally, it’s not unusual for me to have at least two to three meals weekly with clients, where eating is a part of the business. I was curious to know how eating according to the program would work for me during my myriad of various professional commitments.

All of these worries were put to rest when I met Eliot, my health coach from Why Weight?! who lead me through the program. I met Eliot when I went to the Why Weight?! office in Fair Lawn, NJ to kick off my program. I was impressed with the unique technology Why Weight?! used to make the experience specific to me. I first stepped on a scale that recorded my baseline weight, body mass index, total body percent fat and other markers. From there, we determined that instead of the normal six week program, I would do an abbreviated three weeks since that was the anticipated time needed to get me to my goal weight.

Next, a biosurvey was conducted through a hand scan. A biosurvey is an exchange of information between the computer and your body. During the biosurvey the computer sends you signals called Virtual Stimulus Items, or VSI for short, and your body responds to each signal. Your responses are recorded and analyzed, and that information is then used to generate a report that provides information that will facilitate better decisions about your health.

The biosurvey considered nutritional supplements based on how my body responded to the VSIs that are my biological preference. Unique drops that I took daily were created based on my biological preference. Affirmations were also created for me to review during the program. My favorite one to read was: Everyone, including myself, is doing the best they can.

Motivating, genuine and supportive are the words I would use to describe Eliot’s guidance and encouragement throughout the program. When I felt I was going to stumble, we reviewed my affirmations and talked about the emotions behind the choices I wanted to make. What I found was that all of the reasons I was worried about failing, turned about to be non-issues. It felt so good knowing I was improving my health and wellness, that the desire to indulge never outweighed the payoff. I completed the program from home and went back to Why Weight?! offices in Fair Lawn to do a final weigh in after the three weeks were over. I hit my goals when my weight decreased from 131 to 122 pounds and I feel comforted knowing the tools that I learned through the program will allow me to keep it off!

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Samantha Adams lives in Wall, NJ with her husband Greg and three children, Gavin, Jackson and Andrew. With a BA from Rutgers in Economics and a Masters from Monmouth University in Business, Samantha is an unintentional advocate for nutrition, health and overall wellness. She wants her children to lead the best life possible, and she feels a foundation of healthy living is the greatest gift she can give them. She wants to show her children that passion leads to change and she hopes to be an example to them. Samantha enjoys her career in the Medical Device industry while writing weekly for the Asbury Park Press in the Health section. Samantha loves taking her kids on outdoor adventures throughout the state of NJ. Her favorite destinations are State and County parks, the boardwalk, and any walking or biking path she can find.