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This school year will definitely be a challenging one for every child, but for kids with special needs, it can be especially hard. The problems all kids are facing—fluctuating schedules, feeling anxious, and adapting to a new norm of wearing masks—can be magnified if you have a child who has autism, learning disabilities, sensory issues, or ADHD. That’s why we’ll be sitting down with Stacey Matarazzo Dinburg, a certified special education teacher and behavior specialist to talk about how to help kids with special needs have a smooth transition into a new school year—whether it’s hybrid, in-person, or virtual. She’ll also be sharing lots of tips and advice that will be helpful to all parents with school-age kids. So head over to our Facebook page on Tuesday at 8 PM and click on the videos tab on the left-hand side to watch. Send a quick hello in the comments, tell us how you’re doing, or ask us a question— we’d love to hear from you. And in the meantime, answer our quick one-question poll and your thoughts might be featured on NJMOM and News12 this week.

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Stacey Matarazzo Dinburg, certified teacher and behavior specialist at The Gramon Family of Schools and Cofounder of the 2 Degree Foundation

About Stacey

Stacey Matarazzo Dinburg is a certified special education teacher who has worked in both private and public schools as an educator, behavior specialist, child study team member, parent trainer, and instructional coach for the past 18 years. Currently, Stacey is a behavior specialist on the curriculum and instruction team at The Gramon Family of Schools in Fairfield, a school that serves students with disabilities ages 3 through 21. Stacy is also a mother to two 3 and 4-year-old daughters, as well as a daughter she lost to stillbirth at 37 weeks gestation in 2014. She is an advocate for pregnancy and infant loss, which led her to become the co-founder and Vice President of The 2 Degrees Foundation, an organization that specializes in stillborn awareness and support in NJ.

How to watch

So, go ahead and pour yourself a glass of wine or a cup of tea, get comfy and meet us over on our Facebook page at 8 PM this Tuesday, September 8, by clicking the videos tab on the left-hand side of our page. While you wait for Tuesday, be sure to answer our quick poll (it’s just one question— you might be featured on NJMOM and News12 this week) and check out Stacy Matarazzo Dinburg on The 2 Degree Foundation’s website, Facebook, and Instagram pages to learn more.


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