Top 12 Baby Registry Items From An NJMOM And Baby Gear Expert


New moms are always wondering—what kind of stuff should I register for? So we asked our NJMOM baby gear expert Selina Aquino, who has over two decades of experience in the baby industry, for her expert insight and must-haves that should be on every new mom’s list. Scroll down to see her faves and read our guides to buying a stroller without going to a store and how to register online for more info on what you need before your little one arrives.

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FridaBaby Humidifier ($34)
The all in one chic design of a humidifier, diffuser, and nightlight (no buying 3 separate machines) make it stand out over other humidifiers. It’s easy to use with auto shut off and is quiet enough not to disturb the lightest sleeper.

FridaBaby Baby Basics Kit ($35)
This little kit truly is a must-have for the first year, Inside you’ll find the FridaBaby classics they’re known for, including the all-important Snotsucker (if you know, you know), Windi Gaspasser,  a skin-soothing cradle cap brush, and tiny nail clipper.

Bundles of Deam Classic Mattress ($230)
This 100% breathable mattress is lightweight and comfortable and grows with your baby, offering 2-stage firmness. One side is extra firm for your new bundle, and then flip it over after the first year, and the cushier side will give your toddler sweet dreams.

Noggin Stik Rattle ($25)
This innovative rattle is easy to hold and has a built-in mirror for funny face challenges. But the best part is the cool color-changing LED lights, which will help stimulate little brains and easily entertain your babe, at least until naptime.

Love To Dream Swaddle UP ($40)
This isn’t an ordinary burrito-style swaddle—it allows infants to have their arms up for self-soothing and some freedom of movement. Selina highly recommends having this one as well as a traditional version that you can alternate. Pro tip: Use the one they love at night and the least favorite one during the day.

Baby Deedee Sleep Sack ($39)
The coziest sleepsack on the market, and the light quilting makes it perfect for cooler temps. The snaps on shoulders make it easy to slide on to a sleeping baby and zips from bottom-up making it hard for little ones to wiggle out of it.

DockATot ($175)
This baby “docking station” is a safe place for your little one to lounge in. Babies love it for the comfy feel, and moms are fans because you can do diaper changes, tummy time, and playing in a soft space that’s protected.


Goumi Mittens & Boots ($24)
Thanks to the signature two-part closeable system, these mitts and boots stay on, featuring adjustable wrist straps and elastic for additional comfort.

Goumi Organic Bedding ($120)
Goumi’s Organic Bedding looks good and feels fantastic. Not only does it wash up beautifully, but the bamboo and organic cotton blend make it sustainable, breathable, and naturally antimicrobial.

Baby Brezza Bottle Sterilizer ($85)
This sterilizer does a quick job of killing 99.99% of bacteria on bottles, pumps, pacifiers, and parts. And you don’t have to worry about drying either if you’re washing your own—you can use it as a sterilizer only, a dryer only, combine the two, or just use it to store all your feeding gear.

ZoLi BuzzB Nail Trimmer ($35)
This electric trimmer is a quick way to care for your baby’s nails without snipping their little fingers. It comes with multiple filing pads to use when little nails grow thicker and a traveling case, so toss it in your diaper bag for those on-the-go, hangnail moments.

Baby Shusher ($35)
This doctor-approved sleep soother is a must for getting your little one into a deep slumber. The rhythmic shushing technique uses a real human voice and can be set on a timer for 15 to 30-minute sessions to lull even the most sleep-resistant babes into a dreamy state.

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Hi my name is Selina Aquino. I have worked in the baby industry for a little over two decades. Using all of the years of experience I can now confidently call myself the baby gear expert. I am super fascinated with all of the latest gear and gadgets available to new families year after year. It’s so intriguing to see how creative designers have become and how many entrepreneurs I see as well. The products are evolving and of course, that means the prices are increasing too. I will say, the statement often heard is “you get what you pay for” is a true statement. The value behind many of these high-end brands is worth every cent as long as you purchased it factoring in your lifestyle to get the full value out of the product. I have heard so much feedback from many return customers that my advice was well valued and appreciated. Their purchase was perfect for their lifestyle. That is my job, to make sure what you purchase is what will work for you and your family. I consider myself a product educator, not a salesperson. My goal is to educate you and you make the best decision that works best for your lifestyle.