Advice For New Moms From Our #NJMOM Squad


Being a new mom is a whirlwind of emotions—one minute you’re basking in newborn snuggles, the next you’re crying feeling the pressure of raising a tiny human in this uncertain world. And when you need tips on how to cope, sometimes the best advice comes from those that have been there. So we asked our #NJMOM squad for their tips, and boy, did they pull through—read on for tips, advice and words of kindness from both new and experienced mamas all around New Jersey.

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Ask for help—your neighbor, so you can take a shower; your parents, so you can eat a full meal; your friend because you need a nap. It takes a village and it’s not just ok, but necessary to ask for support.” – Melissa K.R. on Facebook

“It is OK to cry—not every day will be rainbows ? and sunshine, but when you do get those amazing special moments, cherish them, remember them, because they really only stay that tiny for a short time.” – Kimberly D.C. on Facebook

“Every day is a new adventure, most days are hard but it’s all worth it cause someday you will miss it.” – @mrs_torrisi on Instagram

“Be gentle on yourself in the hard moments and celebrate the wins, no matter how small! Know that just as soon as you master a stage or conversely, feel like you can’t possibly take one more minute of it— it changes. It’s an idea that’s both terrifying and comforting, and one of the most exhilarating parts of motherhood. It’s a beautiful, challenging evolution every single day.” – @mbrahney on Instagram

“Trust your gut. If something doesn’t seem right, get it checked.” @terrificwords on Instagram

“You are the mom, what you say goes—if you need people to clean their hands before they touch the baby, don’t feed them things you’re not comfortable with, etc—don’t feel bad about it. Let people think you are crazy. It’s your kid and your rules. If I had followed this advice, I would not have had as much anxiety when I had my newborn.” – Robyn W. on Facebook

Don’t feel like you have to do everything when the baby is sleeping. You need to sleep too. The dishes and laundry will get done at some point.” – Christine A.B. on Facebook

“Give yourself grace and take solace in the fact you’re the perfect mom for your babe.” – @amgaglione on Instagram

“I loved my baby wipes warmer and I only ended up getting one for the third baby. She slept through diaper changes with it!” – Sonal P. on Facebook

“As a new mother, I found something that helped me a lot was saying over (and over) in my head, “give yourself a year.” A year for my body to naturally retract to its new normal, a year to feel like I had my feet (sort of) planted on the ground, a year to get to know my new baby and new relationship with myself and husband. And now that I’m about to hit the one year mark—I’m saying “give yourself 18 months”. Be patient with yourself while learning your new role as a mother.” – Christine via Instagram

Take the picture: No matter how terrible you think you look, take the picture. They’re only little for so long. Time truly goes by fast!” – Karina B.E. on Facebook

“Trust your own motherly intuition…you will always know and do what is right for your child. Just love them, the rest will follow.” – Jennifer M.A. on Facebook

“Trust me— they’ll be fine.” – @ashkatb on Instagram

“Don’t be so hard on yourself”, you are not alone. There will good and bad days and even terrible days but you are the best thing for that little baby—you’re doing amazing!” – Grace C. on Facebook

When things get hard like your baby is crying in the middle of the night, you are running on no sleep, and you don’t know how much more you can take—just take it 10 seconds at a time. Then start another 10 seconds— I’ve found you can bear almost anything for 10 seconds at a time.” Melody N. on Facebook

You are never alone. It’s not just your kid doing something crazy or driving you crazy. Someone someplace is going through it too—find your village” -Aubrey F.M. on Facebook

“You’re doing a great job.” – @biancamkim on Instagram


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