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As we head into the new school year, it’s a given this year will be a challenging one, and being prepared for what’s ahead will only help make the situation a better one. That’s why we’ll be sitting down with Mike Teng, CEO and Co-founder of Swing Education for our weekly check-in and chat series (and for this week, we’re moving over to Facebook LIVE). He’ll be talking with us about what you can expect with virtual learning, as well as info on how a learning pod can be a great supplement to distance learning. We’re sure you’ll want to tune in to this very timely topic, so head over to our Facebook page on Tuesday at 8:30 PM and click on Videos on the left-hand side to watch. Send a quick hello in the comments, tell us how you’re doing, or ask us a question— we’d love to hear from you.

Mike Teng, CEO and Co-founder of Swing Education

About Mike

With a love and passion for education and innovation, Mike Teng is the CEO and Co-founder of Swing Education, a tech-enabled marketplace that connects substitute teachers with a school in need. Swing has helped over 2,500 schools, and over 5 million students find qualified educators to fill teacher and support staff absences since 2015. Recently, Mike debuted Bubbles,  a service that lets parents create small in-home “learning pods” where kids can participate in their distance learning assignments with the help of an in-person teacher. With so many parents relying on schools for not only education but childcare as well, Bubbles can bridge the gap for busy parents. Mike will be sharing insight, knowledge, and advice about balancing distance learning with in-person experiences with us this Tuesday, to help you prep and gain clarity going into the new school year.

How to watch

So, go ahead and pour yourself a glass of wine or a cup of tea, get comfy and meet us over on our Facebook page at 8:30 PM this Tuesday, August 25, by clicking the videos section on the left-hand side of our page. And in the meantime, be sure to check out Mike Teng on the Swing Education website, Facebook and Instagram to learn more.


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