Thank You Nurses—From Our #NJMOM Squad


2020 has been designated the International Year of the Nurse and for good reason—working on the frontlines of this pandemic, our nurses are making the ultimate sacrifice and risking it all by helping others infected with COVID-19. And often this selfless mission means nurses are separating themselves from their immediate families to prevent spreading the virus. Read on to see how we’re sending good wishes and unlimited thanks to these amazing healthcare heroes. ❤️

featured image via @empressdreka

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“We are the frontline. ❤️”

“One day to honor this brave and hardworking profession is simply not enough.”

“We want to continue to do what we do— fight for you and with you ❤️”

“Happy Nurses Week to the most bada$$ and selfless people I know!” ?

We are fa-mi-ly ?–0S1ap3Aw/

“We hope you get to enjoy this donated lunch—we are told nurses are lucky if they even get to sit and eat, let alone get a full break.”

#HeathcareHero Squad ?

Twins that nurse together ?

“Please stay safe, we are so grateful for your work!”



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