Screen Time And Eye Health: Talk With An Expert On #NJMOM LIVE On Facebook This Tuesday At 8PM


With quarantine, virtual learning, and facetime playdates, kids are staring at electronic devices more than ever—putting their eye health at risk. That’s why we’ll be sitting down this week on Facebook Live with our guest, Dr. Neda Gioia, optometrist and founder of Integrative Vision, on what all this screen time is doing to our eyes. Dr. Gioia has a multifaceted approach to eye care, and during this Facebook LIVE chat, she’ll offer tips from a whole-body perspective on alleviating eye strain, balancing screentime with device-free times, and overall eye health. So head over to our Facebook page on Tuesday at 8 PM and click on the videos tab on the left-hand side to watch. Send a quick hello in the comments, tell us how you’re doing, or ask us a question— we’d love to hear from you. In the meantime, answer our quick one-question poll, and you could be featured on NJMOM and News12 this week.

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Dr. Neda Gioia, the founder of Integrative Vision, is an optometrist and #NJMOM.

About Neda

Dr. Neda Gioia is an NJMOM to two incredible daughters, ages 5 and 7, optometrist and founder of Integrative Vision, an optometry practice with a particular emphasis on nutritional interventions and preventative counseling for eye health.  Her eyecare approach involves treating the body as a whole and is truly progressive and inspiring to other like-minded practitioners. As a graduate of Rutgers University, with 22 years of experience in eye care across the country, including 14 years of clinical practice, Dr. Gioia elevates eye care at Integrative by employing a functional approach that encompasses nutrition, wellness, and diagnostics. Through her own unexpected personal health struggles, along with research and experience, Dr. Gioia discovered the importance of self-healing and nutrition in treating chronic disease states. Her success inspired her to pursue a formal education in functional medicine and clinical nutrition to heal, educate, and ultimately empower her patients to achieve better health and better lives. She is currently working towards completing her Certified Nutrition Specialist degree through the University of Western States.   

How to watch

So, go ahead and pour yourself a glass of wine or a cup of tea, get comfy and meet us over on our Facebook page at 8PM this Tuesday, October 13, by clicking the videos tab on the left-hand side of our page. And be sure to answer our quick poll (it’s just one question— you might be featured on NJMOM and News12 this week). To learn more about Dr. Neda Gioia and Integrative Vision, check out her website, Facebook, and Instagram.

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