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From making friends at Grounds for Sculpture to mornings on the lake, we loved seeing where your #NJMOM adventures took you this Labor Day Weekend. Thanks for sharing your moments around New Jersey with us.

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Psst! We love sharing your adventures around New Jersey. Be sure to tag your photos with #NJMOM and @njmom for a chance to be featured in our round-up next week.

Feelin’ blue in the best way 💙

Nothing like that first sip 😋

 When you get to spend the day with mama all to yourself 🤗

Matchy, matchy 👯‍♀️

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Enjoying what is left of the the summer before the fall starts creeping in. I can’t lie I have been enjoying the much cooler weather, and I am excited for the fall it’s literally my favorite season. – What are some of your favorite things to do in the fall with your little one?! • • • #lewalife #njinfluencer #youtubemama #blackmomblogger #blackmomsblog #mombloggersofig #Christianblogger #momswhoblog #blackmomlife #browngirlbloggers #momfluencer #lifeasmama #brownmommies #thatmomlife #blackmomsdaily #sahmlife #youtubemom #heyblackmom #thatmomlife #njmom #blackmommagic #mommychronicles #blackmomsrock #blackmomsaremagic #brownmomblogger #phillymomblogger #youtubemum #melaninmommy #blackmomsdaily

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“I’m sorry, but I think you might have the wrong person 😯”

Ridin’ in style 🙌

And cuter than ever 🤗

High five for a three day weekend 🖐🎉

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Everything that long weekends (and birthday weekends 🙈) are made of, was what this weekend was all about. I know we still have a bit of summer left, and we intend to enjoy it, but with the boys heading back to school this year feels different. As I sat back and watched them play with each other, I couldn't help but think about all the moments we shared, memories we created, and new traditions we started. It got me thinking about all the things I hope my boys remember about this summer… . All those times we said yes to ice cream, popsicles, and too many sweet treats. . All the times we let them stay up later than they should have. . All those times we said five more minutes to something, that turned into us saying it five more times after that. . All the carnival, fair, and amusement park rides we went on. Especially the ones they were scared to go on and ended up loving them after. . All the times they got to jump in the pool or do something, just one more time, 10 times later. . All the frogs they caught and random creatures they found 😲. . All the times they faced their fears and learned life lessons from it. . All the times we smiled, even after some tears, and learned that we can always work it out. . All the times we might not have succeeded at something, but learned to always, try, try, again. . All the times we emphasized that we're a team and that their brothers are their best friends. . All those times that even when mommy and daddy needed to say no, it's because we also have a job as parents to teach them. . Here's to all the summer memories that were created, the moments shared, and the many more to come as each season moves forward. . . . #littlestoriesofmylife #familygoals #momlife #thatmomlife #thisismotherhood #candidmotherhood #inspiremothers #mommyhood #njmom #motherhoodalive #ohmamamoment #uniteinmotherhood #momsohard #stopdropandmom #motherhoodmoments #momcommunity #holdthemoments #mytinymoments #parenthood #simplymamahood #mommasheart #letthekids #littleadventures #summerdays #joyfulmamas #mommyhood #popsugarmoms #thesearethedays

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“Definitely should have asked for that third scoop 🤔”

Stick your tongue out if you just want more cereal 🙋‍♀️😜

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