#NJMOM Adventures of the Week

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Some of our favorite #NJMOM adventures from this past week include going to the beach, skipping rocks and running as fast as we can away from the camera. Check out all the laughs and good times you spent together with your kids this first full week of the new year.

Psst! We love sharing your adventures around New Jersey. Be sure to tag your photos with #NJMOM and @njmom for a chance to be featured in our round-up next week.

Last one there is a rotten egg 🍳

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Do you ever have nights where you lay awake pondering every decision you’ve ever made as a parent? . As a critical care nurse I’m around sick kids, really sick kids. It’s shaped the way I parent in both good and bad ways. On one end of the spectrum I am a certified psycho who text messages my pediatrician pictures and every few months listens to the beating of their hearts waiting to hear the swooshing of a murmur. . On the other end I just want them to be able to enjoy every single second of their life, have every life experience, and stay little for as long as possible. . I’ve tried to be a present parent, teach them the importance of family, engage them in as much activity as possible, and teach them simple human kindness. . Kids become adults who make their own choices. I hope right now I’m doing everything in my power steer them down the correct path, but I know I have my downfalls. . Will the discipline I strive to put into place crush their fierce spirits? . Will the Munchkins we stop frequently for cause them to be fast food lovers? . Will spoiling them make them ungrateful? . Do I anger to quickly? . I don’t know the answer to these questions, but I’m learning to give myself grace. Some days were thriving but most were just failing forward. . Parenting, your career, your relationships, your fitness whatever your hung up on right now find comfort in the fact that you’re not alone. We’re all out here going through trial and error. . Confessions of a #nursemom who couldn’t sleep last night 😆

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I got these cheaper because they aren’t polarized 😆

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We are all Heart Eyes over here with Valentines Day right around the corner! BUT one thing I’m not Heart Eyes for is Brynn’s NEW love of gum! She has already gotten it stuck in her hair and somehow on the butt of a new pair of pants! I remember my mom saying I loved gum at that age so I figured it would be ok. What age did you start allowing gum? Also any tips on removal from pants ? #girlmom #girlmomlife #momlife #motherhood #childofig #mommyblogger #momblogger #blogger #lifestyle #valentinesday #target #targetstyle #targetdollarspot #gum #realmomtogs #momtogs #joyfulmama #kidsofinstagram #letthembelittle #candidchildhood #simplychildren #kidsforreal #celebrate_childhood #momswithcameras #njmom

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Can we skip to summer? ☀️

Friends fo’ life 💞

Chilling like a villain 😁

Guess who is going to Target 🖐

Upside down; Who’s to say what’s impossible and can’t be found 💛

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**Happening Tomorrow for Belleville Locals!** Check out a free awesome demo by @youmetrapeze at @signaturefitnessnj (Read Below for details) 👌👍😎 * Original Post: (Tag a friend w bk pain) Tired of back pain? Tired of constant dr apts w/o relief? • 𝐅𝐫𝐞𝐞 trapeze demos (INSIDE 😂) @signaturefitnessnj this Thursday 6 – 8 pm. Individual sessions run for a few minutes, you will feel spinal relief within 60 seconds. • Concerned to go upside down? No worries, can stretch out your spine while remaining right side up. 😉 Come check it out!! • PSA: This hang sess was approved 🤣🙃 #NJFitness #BellevilleNJ * * When sharing your NJ pics, use the hashtag #SupportNJLocal for Features, Exposure & Prizes!

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Cause we are sisters, we stand together 😉

This is my morning face 😜

If you’re happy and you know it, raise your hands 🖐

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