#NJMOM Adventures of the Week


From making the best of rainy days to filling in rainbows with sidewalk chalk to seeing hippos at the aquarium, we’re having lots of #NJMOM adventures this second week of June. Thanks for sharing your week with us!

featured image via @livelovellull

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When life gives you rainy days… ? ?

via @twineandbraids

Sliding into this week like… ☀️

via @jaydenanthonycharles 

One strawberry is never enough ?

via @meghan_mosakowski

Backseat drivers allowed here ?‍♀️

via @bykatviana


Happy for sandcastle season to be here ?

via @pinkandelectric 

Hanging with the hippos ??

via @maggiesud

Red, white and blue sprinkles are the best kind ?

via @normalishmom

Beach days are here again! ?

via @alohasteelmans 

Who says you need rain for a rainbow? ☀️?

via @livelovellull

Cruisin’… ?

via @arlo_grant_


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