#NJMOM Adventures of the Week

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Some of our favorite #NJMOM moments from this past week included going on a bike ride, practicing our yoga, and playing with our pooches. From photo shoots to eating our favorite food, your little ones spent their last week of summer hoping it was all just a dream. ?

Psst! We love sharing your adventures around New Jersey. Be sure to tag your photos with #NJMOM and @njmom for a chance to be featured in our round-up next week!

Beach life is the best life ?

So, what is your favorite color? ?

Raise your hand if you forgot school starts next week ?

Namaste in bed until next summer ?

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“Look #Mama, I’m doing yogurt” 🧘‍♂️

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You are the apple of my eye ?

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I can’t even handle this little babe—you know when you’re pregnant with your second baby & all you can think about is how can you love another human as much as your first?? Your first is your everything—the whole world revolves around them until BAM the second one is born & you naturally just fall in love just like you did with your first baby..it’s like you can’t imagine what life was like before they were born & finally life & your purpose here makes sense. Each babe is like a missing puzzle piece that you didn’t even know you were missing until the day they are growing inside of you & then in your arms—it’s so magical & emotional & exhausting all mixed into one big, lovely dovey feeling of being a mom. That’s all I can think about when I look at my girls—I love how different they are & perfectly complete our family, guys, God is good & each babe is just a reminder of the miracles He gives us here on earth. & to those who long to be mamas or wish they could be or have lost precious babes—praying for you & sending love your way. stay strong & cover yourself in the reminder of God’s goodness & timing—this life ain’t easy but every hard road leads to a genuine story & a beautiful destination in the end 🌈—so be kind to everyone & let’s raise our babies up knowing kindness & giving out kindness to change the world ✨ (totally all over the place in this post but what can ya do 🤷🏻‍♀️) . . . . #njmom #momlife #girlmom #babygirls #sweetbabes #littlemonkey #lovesbananas #soblessed #sentimental #rainbowbabies #thankful #Godisgood #lovethisgirl

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Soarin’, flyin’ high ?

Party like it’s your birthday ?

Always going to be daddy’s little girl ?

Go best friend that’s my best friend ?

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