Why Jenkinson’s Aquarium On The Point Pleasant Boardwalk Is My Family’s Favorite Spot


If you ask my kids their favorite place to go at the shore, they’ll tell you it’s Jenkinson’s Aquarium on the Point Pleasant Beach boardwalk. As soon as they spot the giant penguin waving to us from the boards, they know it’s their cue to see the sea life inside, and we can’t resist their pleas. In the summer, it’s the perfect afternoon sun break attraction, and in the winter, it’s a great way to visit the beach while escaping the cold. But beyond the fun, this top aquarium in New Jersey has marine exhibits designed to emphasize the importance of wildlife conservation and features Atlantic sharks, Pacific sharks, coral reefs, penguins, and seals. There’s plenty to see at this two-story aquarium to keep your little ones busy all afternoon. And before you leave the shore, don’t forget to stop at one of the best beach playgrounds in New Jersey. (featured photo taken at Jenkinson’s Aquarium)

The 58,000-gallon shark tank at Jenkinson’s Aquarium greets you as you enter the aquarium. Photo taken at Jenkinson’s Aquarium.

See shark-sized surprises at Jenkinson’s Aquarium

Upon entering Jenkinson’s Aquarium, we are greeted by colorful fish swimming through the coral reefs, also known as the rainforest of the sea. At the Pacific Ocean kelp forest habitat, my kids always stop to watch the turtles swim around and rest on the rocks in their pond. But a must-do is the shark tank spanning two levels—it’s where you can view the tank underwater downstairs and see the top of the 58,000-gallon tank when you travel upstairs to the Shark Balcony. The tank is filled with nurse sharks, sand sharks, spotted wobbegongs, and even a sand tiger shark. Fun Fact: The sharks are fed three times weekly to keep them full and the other fish safe. If you are lucky, you might be able to catch their feeding time.

Jenkinson's aquarium penguins

Kids won’t be able to resist the adopt-a-penguin program at Jenkinson’s Aquarium. Photo Credit: @jenkinsonsaquarium

Waddle with the penguins

The African penguins are always a big hit with our family. We love to watch these beautiful creatures waddle and swim, and it’s always a good day when we get to see them eat their lunch. If you look closely, the penguins are tagged with various beads as a way for the staff to tell them apart. The penguins also have distinct names such as Betty, Captain Jack, Checkers, and Dr. Bunsen. And kids won’t be able to resist the adopt-a-penguin program: You will receive a plush animal, an adoption certificate, a photo, and two aquarium passes. You can also adopt seals, sharks, sloths, and turtles too. You can also see what the penguins are up to when you get home by taking a peek at the penguin cam.

Jenkinson's Aquarium seal

Don’t miss Luseal, the blind seal— she has lived at Jenkinson’s Aquarium since 1991. Photo Credit: @jenkinsonsaquarium

Dive with the seals

My kids are always excited to see the seals, especially since Jenkinson’s offers superb viewing spaces underwater and at the top of their pool and platform (located on the second floor). Don’t miss Luseal, the blind seal play in the seal tank. Luseal (aka Lucy) is a local celebrity, and she has lived at Jenkinson’s Aquarium since 1991. It’s unclear what happened, but she was either attacked by a shark or hit by a boat when she was a pup. Even though Lucy is blind, her other senses have helped her navigate her surroundings. If you are there at the right time, you might even be able to see Lucy perform some tricks during her feeding.

Talk to the parrots at Jenks Aquarium

At the colorful Rainforest, we love watching the adorable monkeys and talkative parrots at play. My kids can observe the monkeys all afternoon because they are so unpredictable. One minute they are napping, and suddenly, they are at the window, ready to play. The parrots are loud but so fun to talk to, and we were fascinated by how they imitate our sounds. Don’t miss the rainforest meter in the exhibit—100% of the meter’s proceeds support the Osa Peninsula of Costa Rica, which helps with conservation efforts.

Jenkinson's Aquarium sloth

My kids thought Wally, the two-toed sloth, was the coolest part of the aquarium. Photo Credit: @jenkinsonsaquarium

Interact with Wally, the two-toed sloth

Wally, the two-toed sloth, is a 10-pound laid-back sloth, and he can sleep up to 18 hours a day and loves to eat squash before falling asleep again. My kids thought he was the coolest part of the aquarium when we saw him. You can see him when you sign up to participate in The Scoop on Sloths program or reserve a Sloth Encounter.

Explore the Pine Barrens

My kids are curious about the environment around us, and the Pine Barren ecosystem is a fun exhibit to learn about the area. The terrapins are their favorite at this NJ exhibit. And we also loved knowing that Jenkinson’s has partnered with the American Littoral Society to raise oysters and MATES to help baby diamondback terrapins gain strength to return to the bay later.

jenkinsons boardwalk

Strolling the Point Pleasant boardwalk is one of our favorite things to do in New Jersey any season.

Stroll the boardwalk

Once you step outside the aquarium, you will land in the gift shop full of animal books, beach clothing, sea life toys, stuffed animals, coastal decor, and more. Head outdoors on the mile-long Point Pleasant Beach boardwalk that runs from the Manasquan Inlet (a great spot to watch the boats go in and out) to New Jersey Avenue, where you can test your skills at the boardwalk games or arcade or take a ride on the train at Jenkinson’s Amusement Park. Guzzle a large soda, find the perfect candy apple at the Sweet Shop, or enjoy boardwalk fries as you stroll down the coastline. Challenge your family members to a game of mini-golf or take a swing in the batting cages. Or, if you packed your beach gear, enjoy the rest of the afternoon watching the waves as your littles dig in the sand.

Jenkinson's Aquarium

You can’t miss the waving penguin at Jenkinson’s Aquarium. Photo taken at Jenkinson’s Aquarium

Here’s what to know about Jenkinson’s Aquarium before you go

You can purchase tickets at Guest Services, and most likely, there will be a line when they open at 10 AM, so get there early if you want to go right away. Admission is $16 for adults, children (3-11) are $11, children 2 and under are free, and seniors 65+ are $11. The aquarium is open every day except for Thanksgiving and Christmas. There are unique experiences like Animal Encounters, Adopt-An-Animal, and a Private Behind The Scenes Tour, along with events like Magical Mermaids, Penguin Pointers, and Junior Keepers throughout the year. The first floor is easy to access with a stroller, but you have to park your stroller on the first floor to explore the second level.

For more information, visit Jenkinson’s Aquarium on their websiteFacebook, and Instagram.

Jenkinson’s Aquarium
300 Ocean Avenue
Point Pleasant Beach
(732) 899-1212

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