How My Sick Child Can Visit The Doctor Without Leaving the House


Dealing with high fevers and sleepless nights isn’t a walk in the park—especially when it’s a whiny toddler, child or teen who can’t shake an illness. So when it comes time to call out of daycare or school and actually get them to the doctor (just to be surrounded by other sick, contagious kiddos) it can feel a little like mission impossible. But that mission just became a whole lot more accessible: With TeleMed, an RWJBarnabas Health app, you don’t have to wrangle a sleepy child out of their own bed or even get them out of their PJs. When you download it to your smartphone, computer or tablet, you’ll get the easiest doctor’s visit you’ll ever have to make. 

Receive a Diagnosis, Prescription and More Anywhere You Are 

As a mom of a sassy 3-year-old who doesn’t have the most sterling reputation of being a good listener, this is exactly what my mom wins are made of. The fact that I don’t have to actually get my daughter up, dressed and in the car to rush out to make our doctor’s appointment is so convenient. On the TeleMed app, you can actually connect with a board-certified physician online at any place, any time, so it’s also perfect if you’re traveling on vacation with a sick child as well. When parents use the low-cost web and app-based urgent care service, they can easily set up a virtual consultation with their child’s doctor by FaceTiming through their phone, tablet or computer. And yes, you still get all the perks and benefits of visiting the doctor’s office in real life—like receiving a prescription. 


FaceTime with Your Child’s Doctor 24/7 

You can access this high-quality type of care every single day of the week, at any time. Even if you don’t have a cranky toddler, the TeleMed app is useful for a child at any age—like when your college kid is feeling crummy in the middle of the night and needs to be sent a prescription before her morning class. So no more waiting for the phone to ring to speak with an on-call doc: The TeleMed app will put you in touch with a doctor moments after you download it.

One of the best parts? It’s only $45 if you don’t have insurance, which is cheaper than most urgent care co-pays. And if you do have insurance, they may cover or reimburse you for each TeleMed visit.

Download, Chat and Feel Better 

For more information about the RWJBarnabas Health’s TeleMed online urgent care app, visit them on their website, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube for up-to-date news, instructions and commonly asked questions and answers. 

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