Here’s How To Help Feed NJ Families In Need


There’s no doubt that this pandemic has affected everyone and everything—from small businesses to employment to those in need, and it’s especially had a tremendous impact on so many families in New Jersey. With unemployment at an all-time high, acute hunger has affected even those who’ve never had a need before. You might be wondering how you can help families in need, and here’s a way to learn more—join the Co-Co this Wednesday, May 20 at 7:30 PM for a free virtual Social Impact Panel with local and statewide leaders to discuss the growing problem and what you can do to take action.

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Addressing Hunger for New Jersey Families

New Jersey has been greatly impacted by the coronavirus, with  61% of residents personally know someone who has gotten the virus compared with 26% nationally (according to a national Monmouth poll).  One of the most dramatic results of this reality is hunger—and New Jersey has reported lines at food distribution centers miles long, with needs greater than ever. GRACE Summit is seeing an increase from 100 families weekly for its Tuesday food distribution to more than 500 families each week. The Community FoodBank has been working around the clock to meet an increased need while adhering to new cleaning and social distancing requirements. The South Ward Children’s Alliance in Newark has launched a coordinated response including a touchless food pantry, emergency food care pack delivery service, virtual social worker and grief support, emergency cash assistance, and government assistance navigation.

How can you help? In this conversation between both local and statewide leaders, you’ll gain a better understanding of the current need and how to effectively get involved. The panelists include representatives from food distribution organizations within the state, including Amanda Block, from GRACE Summit, Jeannie Fournier, from Community FoodBank of New Jersey, and Nichelle Holder, of South Ward Children’s Alliance.

The Panelists

Each panelist has experience working on the front lines of the food crisis. Here’s who they are:

Amanda Parrish Block is the founder of GRACE Summit, the local agency dedicated to ensuring all community members have life’s essentials ranging from nutrient-dense food to opportunities for economic stability and empowerment.

Jeannie Fournier is the Vice President of Programs at Community FoodBank of New Jersey and helping to provide nutritious food to meet immediate needs as well as efforts to shorten the line of families in need and create food security.

Nichelle Holder is the Chief Program Officer for the South Ward Children’s Alliance, a BRICK Education Network Family Ally.

How to get involved

Spend Wednesday night with the Co-Co via this virtual panel to discuss the issues, what is working, and how you can take action. It’s free— just be sure to register here. Once you’ve registered, they’ll send instructions on how to join and you’ll be ready to take the first steps in helping families in our state.


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