Anne Ellen Christmas Tree Farm: A Winter Wonderland Of Lights And Charm


Walking into a winter wonderland is exactly how we felt when we visited The Village at Anne Ellen Christmas Tree Farm for the first time. It was a truly magical place, from the life-size gingerbread house and the miniature Village decked out like a Hallmark movie to a hayride with lights all around. There’s so much packed into their Village that we ended up spending hours here, visiting Santa’s house, the post office, a life-sized igloo, and did I mention you pick out your tree too? Read on for our trip to the farm, which felt like we entered into a real-life Hallmark movie (minus the snow). (featured photo taken at Anne Ellen Christmas Tree Farm)

Anne Ellen Christmas Tree Farm Village

As we walked on the trail, everywhere we turned was lit with beautiful, sparkling lights. 

Take in the thousands of lights

There are over 30,000 Christmas lights on the property— everything from the trees and decorations to the path you walk on has gotten a glow up. Many of the lights in the trees move, even ones that look like falling snowflakes. As we walked through the Village, my daughter stopped at different spots, allowing me to take lots of photos in front of the lights. Everywhere we turned was a pretty picture moment, and so beautiful. 

Anne Ellen Christmas Tree Farm Village

The charming Train Room is a place to stop and stay awhile, soaking up all the charming details. 

Get on board at the Train Room

The Village has charming buildings like a life-sized gingerbread house, an igloo, and a Santa house. But one of our favorite stops was the Train Room. In this building, a miniature village is set up, resembling a small town you see in a Hallmark movie. Every detail was included, from different shops and places to people and snow, and we enjoyed looking over the scenes and finding small parts, like a horse-drawn carriage and people skating in each snowy vignette. We followed along, pointing out every adorable spot as we watched the train race through the tracks. 

Anne Ellen Christmas Tree Farm Village

Watch your letter to Santa be sent to the North Pole.

Write to Santa at the North Pole Postal Company

The next stop was the North Pole Postal Company, where there were pieces of paper and pencils so kids could write their letters to Santa. (And the adults can, too!) Inside the Postal, Company is an old-school postal sorting wall with spots for mail, set up to look exactly like a Post Office. The best part is, when my daughter was done with her letter, you put it in the mailbox, press the button, and watch the letter fly to the North Pole on the large television on the wall.

Anne Ellen Christmas Tree Farm Village

Take your shot at the Christmas Shooting Range.

Play around with light-up games

Step up to the Christmas Shooting Range and watch your “bullets” turn the targets into beautiful colors. Each kid received a gel blaster and goggles before standing at the ready and taking turns shooting gel bullets at the targets—the color changes when they hit the mark, making such a fun design. My daughter loved emptying her gel blaster and watching the targets get lit up in vivid and bright hues. 

Anne Ellen Christmas Tree Farm VillageLearn how to make syrup at the Sugar Shack.

Stop for a sweet surprise 

Ever wonder how you make maple syrup? Well, you are in luck. Stop by The Maple Shack, and you will learn the entire process of making the delicious syrup. We were able to stand and listen to them walk us through how you make syrup, from finding suitable trees for tapping to boiling the sap to make the syrup. This was another favorite stop in The Village. As we made our way back, we saw all the gorgeous trees of different varieties lined up at the farm, ready to be taken home and decorated. Although we already had our tree, we took note for the next year—besides the pre-cut trees, you can also cut down your own with a hand saw they have at the stand. 

What To Know Before You Go

The Anne Ellen Christmas Tree Farm Village is open until January 1, Wednesday through Sunday, from 5 PM to 10 PM. It is recommended to dress in layers because everything is outside and there are no heaters in The Village. Tickets are $22 for 13+, $12 for children aged 3 to 12, and free for those 2 and under and should be purchased ahead of time online for a time slot. There is food in the Village, offering choices of hot cocoa, hot apple cider, funnel cake, fried Oreos, and more holiday treats. 

Anne Ellen Christmas Tree Farm
114 Daum Rd, Manalapan Township, NJ 07726
(732) 786-9277 

Learn more about the Anne Ellen Christmas Tree Farm Village on their website, Facebook or Instagram.

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