A Virtual Support Group For Breastfeeding Mamas, Thanks to RWJBarnabas Health


Breastfeeding can be challenging, and if you’ve got questions and can’t meet with a lactation consultant or other moms, it can be even harder.

Got breastfeeding questions or just want to connect with other new moms going through the same thing? Join this virtual support group, meeting every Monday at noon

How virtual breastfeeding support can help you

It’s true that breastfeeding can be one of the most rewarding yet challenging obstacles you can face after giving birth. Even if it’s easy for you and your baby, you still may have a ton of questions that deal with latch issues, milk-supply, diet, tongue-tie, pain, pumping, working, and weaning. That’s why seeking out support and guidance from those who have been through it can be so helpful. While a support group in person can’t happen right now, it can still happen virtually—talking with professionals and connecting with other mamas even on a screen can make all the difference. Yet with COVID-19, that’s become a challenge—RWJBarnabas Health understands these unique challenges right now, and why they’re offering expecting and new mamas a safe place to connect and receive the advice they need during their breastfeeding journey with a free Virtual Breastfeeding Support Group every Monday from 12-1 PM starting June 1. You’ll meet other new and expecting moms and the RWJBarnabas Health International Board Certified Lactation Consultants in a friendly virtual environment, where they will give you guidance and answer any questions you may have. And the bonus of going virtual? It’s from the comfort of your own home (wear PJs if you want) while your babe is sleeping or hanging close by.

Here’s how to get started—pre-register online and you’ll receive a link for the group that starts on June 1, from 12-1 PM. Join in, say hello and you’ll be on your way to breastfeeding with confidence.

This post is sponsored by RWJBarnabas Health to help every NJMOM be her healthiest.


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