8 Ways To Make Quarantine Spring Break Feel Like a Vacation


What are you doing for spring break? Spoiler alert: Staying safe at home. But even though you’re homebound, you can still make the most of the time off and have fun away from the regular distance learning routine. Whether it’s a virtual beach day, a movie theater in your living room or a backyard s’ mores roast, here’s how our #NJMOM squad is making spring break (or even weekends off from work and school) a memorable one.

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We had an indoor beach day today. Beach yoga, painted nails, did an online aquarium tour and had a picnic lunch, via Lauren G. on Facebook

Have an at-home beach day

Whether you decide to stay in your living room or be in your yard, grab those beach towels, throw on your bathing suits, and head “to the beach.” Make up a picnic lunch, create a fun “beach day” music playlist, pull out those folding chairs and put on your sunglasses (bring out that sandbox if you have one too). Then find a virtual tour of the beach online and set up your laptop in front listening to the waves, hanging out as if you were at the real thing.

“Turned our basement into a movie theater so we could ‘go to the movies’ “, via Elizabeth V. on Facebook

Make Movie Night Every Night

Turn your living room or basement into a movie theater and invite the whole fam to a nightly showing of a movie chosen in advance. Pop some corn, set a small snack counter in the kitchen or by the TV, create a cute sign with snack prices, and sneak in life-skill basics by having them pay for them (use real bills and coins to make it more authentic). Ready for the show? Turn off all the lights, make sure the movie starts at the time you set and even do a few trailers (available on most streaming sites) to get the full experience.


A view of Arches National Park in Utah via Google Arts & Culture.

Take a virtual hike through a national park

Thanks to Google Arts & Culture, you can take a virtual tour of 113 different national parks around the country. From Yellowstone to the Statue of Liberty, there are tons of different parks and some that you probably didn’t even know about. Our personal favorites are the little known Anacapa Island and the Channel Islands. With Google’s street view feature, you and your kids will feel like you’re there—look around and turn the camera in every different direction, even up at the sky.

“Some fun experiments”, via Mariana J. on Facebook

Bring out your kid’s inner scientist

Science experiments are often fun to do and don’t require crazy ingredients beyond your kitchen pantry. Try a baking soda volcano, bubbling blob lava, snow fluff, or DIY playdough, and help your littles use their STEAM skills. Have them put on a “lab coat” (aka daddy’s white button-down shirt), safety glasses (ahem, swimming goggles) and get ready for a day of scientific fun. It’s a win-win for all: They’ll learn how different things mix and cause reactions, fine-tune their motor skills and stay occupied for hours.

See the penguins at Adventure Aquarium in Camden, virtually online.

Take virtual museum, aquarium or zoo tour

Use the time off to explore the virtual things everyone is talking about on Insta and FB. You can check out the museums and zoos around the world, and keep in mind your local NJ favorites are offering plenty of virtual tours too: Learn about state history and artists at these 7 local New Jersey museums or say hello to all the different creatures at these virtual aquariums and zoos around the state.

“I made a ‘character’ breakfast for my son by gathering stuffed characters we collected during past trips to Disney and making Mickey-shaped pancakes. He was thrilled—especially since I let him watch Youtube videos of Disney rides and walks through the park while he ate,” via Lisa L.

Create themed meals

Liven up those daily meals by creating a different theme each time: Recreate Disney treat favorites to pretend you’re at the park, go around the world with meals that are inspired by France and Mexico or make it all about your child’s favorite characters like a Fancy Nancy tea party or Paw Patrol snack time.

“Outschool dance classes all week!” via Sarah D. on Facebook

Take a virtual class for fun

You and the kids can use this time to pick up a new hobby via a virtual class whether it’s music, fitness or iPhone photography.  Sign up for one or a few from our #NJMOM List of Quarantine-Friendly Businesses, and have a ball doing it together.

Roasting marshmallows around a backyard bonfire Michelle M. on Facebook

Roast S’mores

There’s something about s’ mores that make you feel like you’re on a vacation—and we’re down with making this sweet treat a nightly ritual. Light up the bbq or fire pit in your backyard, bring the usual fixins’ and roast the marshmallows together. Then, cozy up with some fluffy blankets in the yard, and enjoy eating it under the stars.


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