3 Walt Disney World Rides You Need to Know About


Planning a trip to Walt Disney World is anything but stress free. You have to worry about packing (for you and of course the kids), plane tickets, hotel rooms, food options, and of course days at the park. Whether this is your first or fifth trip to Disney with the kids you will no doubt be worrying about what to do with them at the parks. It’s often called the happiest place on earth, but you can’t help freak out when thinking about the whole ride situation. Which ones are good for toddlers? Will my seven-year-old cry on that roller coaster? What if I’m too tall to ride with them? A million questions race through your head as you plan your trip. Have no fear, mommy. We have made it a little easier for you. A trip to Disney is nothing without going to Magic Kingdom as that is the classic staple of Walt Disney World. It’s full of characters, parades, and of course, rides.

Here are 3 Walt Disney world rides you need to know about at Magic Kingdom.

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1. It’s a Small World

Not all rides include big roller coasters and fast speeds. The ‘It’s a Small World’ ride is great because it’s perfect for everyone; it’s one the whole family can ride together and it’s so much fun! On this classic 10 minute ride you and your family will be taken on a boat tour all over the world. Asia, Africa, South America, and Australia are just a few places you will travel to on this awesome ride. You and your little ones will love seeing all the unique differences between countries while also hearing music from their culture. You will truly feel like you are another country. This is a definite must for the whole family to enjoy.


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2. Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin

For a little more action than the ‘It’s a Small World Ride’ go on Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger spin. You and your little will be on a ride and playing a game at the same time. Evil Emperor Zurg is up to no good again, and it’s your job to stop him by sitting in your star cruiser that rotates by your command and shooting your space cannon to stop Zurg. Each space cruiser holds 2 people, so you’ll never be leaving your little one alone, and it will be fun for both of you. This indoor ride is full of neon and glow in the dark lights that make it seem as if you’re really in space. It’s a perfect ride for children that don’t like roller coasters or just want a more easy going adventure with a lot of fun.


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3. The Barnstormer

The Barnstormer is perfect for the ultimate adventure-seeker. Although this mini roller coaster doesn’t go upside down or have crazy flips, it still promises fun for all riders. Goofy wants you test out his homemade airplanes, so this ride is full of hills and turns that will have everyone screaming for joy. Riders must be 35 inches (89 cm) or taller to ride, and there are 2 passengers per car, so your child will never have to ride alone. This ride is full of fun and best for fearless children.

To check out more rides, learn more about other parks, and more information visit Walt Disney World.


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