Do’s and Don’ts of Setting A Summer Schedule


With your kids home for the summer and out of school it can be hard to keep them from watching TV all day. While a little rest and relaxation is good, don’t let your kids over do it. Instead, try setting a summer schedule to get your kids moving and motivated.

Don’t just set a summer schedule for your children.

The key to setting a summer schedule for your little ones is to have a summer schedule for yourself. Our children watch our actions and take note of them. Don’t catch yourself watching TV all day or your children will do the same.

Do sign your children up for summer camps.

From sports camps to space camps, horse back riding camps to rock camps, your little ones will love getting out of the house and doing activities they enjoy. Setting a summer schedule for camp goers is easy because most of the day will be spent at camp. Your job as a mom is to make sure your child is awake, ready, and has eaten a good breakfast to start their day.

Don’t avoid pool time.

Going swimming is definitely a trademark of summer and you shouldn’t avoid it. It’s a fun way for your kids to relax, exercise, and be social. It’s also a great way to cool off. Make sure to incorporate it into most days.

Do make a to-do list for the day.

Ask your children to have the list complete by the time you get home. This works more with the older kids because they are more responsible. Plus, they can’t argue with a piece of paper. This will help them get off the couch and if you make one item on the list consistent everyday, they’ll start to do it without you even asking.

Don’t let your children eat junk food all day.

When your kids are at school, it is easy to keep them from eating too much of the bad stuff. You are the one who packs their lunch and can decide what to give them. However, during the summer, your kids have the freedom to scan the fridge and pantry and choose a snack. Try to limit the junk food options.

Do have a set bedtime.

This is important to setting a summer schedule because it can dictate the rest of the next day. If your child goes to sleep too late, they will be extremely tired and crabby the next day.

Don’t let your kids sleep in too late.

As with having a set bedtime, you should also make sure your children wake up by a certain time. They will be lazier and unmotivated if you let them lounge around.

Do allow for free time.

Although it is important to have a structured schedule in the summer, it is also important to remember that it is summer. Allow your kids to hang out with friends and have some free time to just chill.

Don’t forget the sunscreen.

Make sure to load on sunscreen not only to your children but also to yourself. The hot sun can have poor effects on our skin and no one wants an itchy burn. It takes two minutes to apply, so it is very easy to incorporate into a busy summer schedule.

Do encourage summer reading.

While summer is a perfect time to relax from school work, kids should still be using their brains everyday. Allow them to pick fun books they want to read so that it doesn’t seem like a chore, but they will still be stimulating their minds.

Don’t miss out on family time.

With kids off from school and activities settled down, summer is the perfect time to hang out with the family. Incorporate Sunday BBQs into your summer schedule for some quality family time.

Do get your kids to exercise.

During the summer, the normal sports take a season off but that doesn’t mean your child has to. Incorporate exercise time into the summer schedule to keep them fit and to have them let out all of their energy. Take them to the track or the soccer field and play with them, too!

Every summer schedule is different, so make one that fits your family.


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