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With a plethora of wineries in NJ that offer wonderful wine tastings, festivals and many other great events throughout the year, we decided to uncover some of the best vineyards in NJ for sipping our favorite red and whites, whether enjoying a family or mom’s day out.

Cream Ridge Winery in New Jersey: NJ Wineries We Love

Cream Ridge Winery, an NJ winery, nestled in the small town of Cream Ridge, New Jersey, offers a fun and laid back atmosphere for families, couples or a girls night out. It seems as though each time I have stopped in, there is either an event going on or a bachelorette party rolling through.

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If you ask the General Manager, Tom Schlitzer, what he loves about the location of the winery, he’ll tell you that Monmouth County is an amazing county in New Jersey with more preserved farmlands than any other county in the state. They are also blessed with wonderful soil, wonderful neighbors and an amazing area to enjoy horses, open countryside and, of course, wine.

We had the opportunity to ask Tim a couple questions about the history of the vineyard and what makes the winery such a wonderful family-friendly activity.

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Is Cream Ridge Winery a family-friendly venue?
Many families come to visit and share the experience of our winery. We have many wonderful customers who today are in their 20’s and 30’s who say they came here as children with their parents and enjoyed many of our events like our Bluegrass Festival held in September. We often have music on our porch in the Summer and many people bring their children and enjoy a picnic lunch on our grounds while enjoying music, wine and conversations.

cream ridge winery, wineries in njIs your establishment Mom-friendly for Mom Night’s Out or other events?
There are many reasons for a Mom to visit! Either with family for a day of picnicking and wine tasting, Yoga in the vineyard or a Mom’s Night Out. However, what makes things the best, is just the laid back atmosphere we have at the winery and chance to just come with a stroller or a Frisbee and enjoy the outside or vineyard with the kids and family.

Cream Winery History
Tom & Joan Amabile started the winery in 1986 planting the vineyard and selling their first bottle of wine in 1988. Cream Ridge Winery was the 7th New Jersey winery to open in the state, and has been around approximately 45 years. Tom created a painting of the winery he envisioned when we was 17 years old, however, he did not open the winery until he was 58 years old. He is a real inspiration when it comes to staying true to your dream!

Tom passed away in 2014 at the age of 82 and is greatly missed by his family and friends, and his legacy and passion for wine are still very much alive at Cream Ridge Winery in New Jersey.

Be sure to visit Cream Ridge Winery’s website for more information and their full event schedule: creamridgewinery.com

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