Step Aside Starbucks Unicorn Frapp, Check Out 25 Unicorn Treats In NJ


Starbucks hopped on the unicorn food trend earlier this week and added a magical new limited-edition treat to their drink menu: the Starbucks Unicorn Frappuccino, a bright milk and mango creme blend topped with dusted vanilla whip. It’s incredibly popular, incredibly pink, and apparently incredibly sweet.

starbucks unicorn frappuccino

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The mystical rainbow and unicorn treats are a food trend we can get behind here at NJMOM HQ. But, while we’re swooning over it’s pretty pink-dusted whip and color-changing magic, the Unicorn Frapp’s origins (sorry Starbucks, we #supportlocal) and price tag have us less enchanted.

Still craving magical Unicorn vibes? Yah, us too.

We’ve pulled together 25 far superior unicorn treats available around New Jersey at local bakeries, bread, donut and juice shops (organic, to boot). And, to make things even sweeter, we’ve teamed up with the first five businesses {what’s up Broad Street Dough Co, Coney Waffle, Bagel Nook, Lil Cutie Pop’s and Juice Basin} to offer a very special #NJMOM Unicorn treat at their respective locations. Be sure to hashtag #NJMOM (and #NJMOMunicornchallenge) while you’re enjoying the unicorn amazingness around New Jersey all week (or, year?).

1. Step aside Starbucks Frappa ??, say hello to our #NJMOM Unicorn Shake at Coney Waffle in Long Branch, Belmar and Asbury Park.

Here’s another shot of the #NJMOM Unicorn Shake:

starbucks unicorn

And, a close up {that’s a real unicorn horn, #sorrynotsorry Starbucks}:

starbucks unicorn

Available at Coney Waffle in Long Branch, Asbury Park and Belmar. Just ask for the #NJMOM Unicorn Shake.

2. Do-nut even think about passing up Broad Street Dough Co.‘s #NJMOM Unicorn Donut in Oakhurst this weekend. ?? ?

starbucks unicorn

Grab one for you and 3 friends, 3 kids, or 3 different meals:

starbucks unicorn

Available at Broad Street Dough Co in Oakhurst. Just ask for the #NJMOM Unicorn Donut.?

3. Have you ever eaten a tie-dyed, cotton candy bagel stuffed with cream cheese, and smashed with lavender sugar? We didn’t think so. Run over to The Bagel Nook in Freehold tomorrow morning and ask for the #NJMOM Unicorn Bagel.

Here’s another shot of the #NJMOM Unicorn Bagel at The Bagel Nook in Freehold {that’s real pixy dust flying off, obvi}:

starbucks unicorn

Available at The Bagel Nook in Freehold. Just ask for the #NJMOM Unicorn Bagel.?

4. Fresh-squeezed, organic watermelon Unicorn juice? Yas, please. Visit Juice Basin all weekend for the #NJMOM Unicorn Juice available {in kid-friendly sizes} at both their Montclair and Asbury locations.

starbucks unicorn

Available at Juice Basin in Asbury Park & Montclair. Just ask for the #NJMOM Unicorn Juice.?

5. #NJMOM Unicorn Cake Pops are running wild all weekend at Lil’ Cutie Pops in Red Bank. Ask for it by name to make sure you get the “special” pops. ?

starbucks unicorn

Available at Lil Cutie Pops in Red Bank. Just ask for the #NJMOM Unicorn Cake Pops.?

6. Substitute that Starbucks Frapp for a healthier option at Playa Bowls. The Pink Pitaya smoothie is made with real fruit and is low in sugar and high in fiber. This unicorn-colored drink will keep you fueled {and happy} throughout your magical days.

7. Asbury Park’s Confections of a Rockstar Unicorn-topped cake FTW. Don’t save it for a special occasion, get the cake and MAKE it a special occasion.

Have a magical day! #confectionsofarockstar #magical #unicorn #eeeeeats #newforkcity #instacake

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8. The kids can keep their sweets, Matthews Food & Drink‘s ’80s Glam Glitter Cocktail is glowing with unicorn magic and we’re so on board. (be sure to CLICK PLAY & watch the magic unfold)

Here’s another shot of the unicorn martini at Matthews Food & Drink:

Guess I'm rocking glitter lips tonight #?

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9. Cupcake Magician in Red Bank has Unicorn Cupcakes waiting for you. Adorned with sugar pearls and a splash of glitter these scream magic.

10. Sweet Dani B‘s Unicorn Cookies = heaven sent. {Click play} and enjoy!

11. Hudson Cakery in Weehawken offers Unicorn Cookies made of pink, fluffy goodness.

The ?trend is strong ✨? #unicorncookies

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12. Hudson Cakery‘s Unicorn Cake Pops are cuteness overload, too.

The #unicorn trend has hit the shop hard this season! ✨? #magicallydelicious

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13. Baking Mama in Hoboken combines rainbows AND unicorns into one magical cake.

14. Bagels On The Hudson pairs a rainbow bagel with pink strawberry cream cheese to enchant and delight Hoboken’s finest.

Wouldn't recommend going outside, but sometimes you just need a bagel

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15. Happy 5th Birthday Halle! Love The Vintage Cake in Atlantic Highlands.

16. Meemom’s Rainbow French Toast available in Wall and Middletown gives off major unicorn vibes.

tuck my napkin in my shirt cuz im just mobbin like that??????? #drake #foodcoma #food #ily

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17. Montclair Bread Company‘s Unicorn Doughnuts put the classic glazed crawler to shame.

The bunny came to visit the baking team….we open at 7am! #easter #doughnuts #donuts #sprinkles

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18. We’re all heart-eye emojis over Keremo Cakes‘ Unicorn duo in Bergen County. ?

19. LaLa’s Gourmet Cookies are all kinds of sweet, sprinkled unicorn yumminess.

Unicorn Cookies #cookies #sugar #unicorn #brick #nj #bestcookieshop

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20. DOCO The Donut & Coffee Company in Farmingdale is serving up hot and fresh, golden-horned, unicorn treats.

Is this even considered a donut anymore??? #donut ? #queen ?

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21. Sweet Hoboken‘s Unicorn Cake puts a shimmery twist on the classic unicorn cake design.

22. Sweet Hoboken‘s Unicorn Birthday Cake even features a unicorn tail. (CLICK PLAY)

23. One more from Sweet Hoboken because ?.

24. Even Rita’s Italian Ice‘s Watermelon Misto is giving us some serious unicorn vibes.

25. Jaret’s Stuffed Cupcakes in Nutley, Endicott, and Hoboken has whipped up these psychedelic unicorn cupcakes.

Be sure to hashtag #NJMOM (and #NJMOMunicornchallenge) while you’re enjoying the unicorn amazingness around New Jersey.



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