Grocery Shopping: A Necessary Evil


It’s Saturday morning. You’re awake before everyone else, so you decide to make yourself a nice breakfast before the chaos begins. You open the fridge, but of course there are no eggs, there is no milk, and someone left behind a half eaten frozen waffle. There is also no fruit, no juice, and not even some dry cereal to hold you over. You had planned on staying in your pajamas all day, but now you have to go grocery shopping. Well, who says you still can’t stay in your pajamas?

While grocery shopping, the best thing to remember is to be efficient. Get what you need, get it quick, and get out. Although grocery shopping can be annoying, you have no choice. If you don’t do it, you don’t eat! Here are some helpful tips to beat the necessary evil of grocery shopping.

Go at a slow time.

Since you’ll already be up on a Saturday morning just stay in your PJ’s and go grocery shopping. While most people are sleeping the early morning hours away, you’ll be able to sneak in some food shopping while staying comfy and no one will even know. If you’re not an earlier riser, go on Friday or Saturday night. The store will be empty and you will be done in no time, so don’t worry you can still have movie night with the kids.

Go by yourself.

We all know how grocery shopping goes with kids, and yes your husband is definitely the biggest kid when it comes to buying food. Whenever you get to the check out line there just happens to be some chips, ice cream, and cake in the cart. Your kids act like they have no idea how that junk food got into your cart, but we all know their lying skills aren’t the best.

Buy frozen veggies.

As all moms know, it can be tough to get dinner ready when you have a hectic schedule. While buying fresh veggies is always a nice option, frozen veggies are perfect for busy families. They take a few minutes to heat up on the stovetop, they don’t require much preparation, and best of all they’re a healthy option.

Buy paper products in bulk.

We’ve all been there. You’re making dinner or cleaning up the living room or doing one of your other countless tasks and you hear the little voice of your daughter yelling from the toilet, “mommy there’s no toilet paper!” Of course because no one refills it once they get to the end of a roll! Avoid this mess by buying toilet paper in bulk and storing it under the cabinets in the bathroom. Paper plates, paper towels, and paper napkins are also important to stock up on while grocery shopping because you never know who will be coming over.

Stick to basics.

While grocery shopping it’s important to keep it simple and to stick to what you know. Always get the classics: milk, bread, eggs, cheese. Also get the snacks and items that you know your kids like. Don’t try to be super mom while grocery shopping by getting the healthy store brand chocolate chip cookies when we all know Chip’s Ahoy are the best.

Although grocery shopping can be a daunting task, hopefully this necessary evil can be tackled easily.

Here are a few Grocery stores in NJ we all love:

Dean’s Market

Whole Foods


Trader Joe’s

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