Fridge Cleanse


Eating out is so much faster and more convenient”, says everyone in America ever. After we binge on toxic junk food, we ponder why we’re so unhealthy as Americans. Well… you know, anything rushed is not good quality. If you care about yourself and have high standards, wouldn’t you choose to invest in your body?

Your body is the machine that keeps you alive. You’ve got to service and feed your engine with premium quality fuel to see its top performance. There’s a reason why a Mercedes can perform well with higher mileage. The older I get, the more I am aware of my body. The wear and tear has caught up with me over the years! Listen to your body when it sends you messages. Mine tells me I need to fuel it with necessary nutrients to build its strength.

I used to think that eating healthy, buying organic groceries and shopping for whole foods were expensive. But seriously, if you do the math, it’s not that much more if you don’t waste it. We buy enough to feed the family. And we buy food we know we will eat.

About 4 years ago, we couldn’t avoid trips to the Doctor’s office, and not to mention, health insurance does not give discounts if you have 3 or more kids under the same policy. Imagine how much our sick visits came up to for 3 little ones. (Ugh) Then the prescriptions! I don’t like to fill my children up with antibiotics and steroids for their coughs. This is why our family made a huge lifestyle change. We realized that if we are proactive with our health, we can avoid being attacked by these nasty germs.

We threw everything out that was processed; canned, boxed food, Lucky Charms, fruit roll ups, chips, literally everything!  We wanted a clean slate. And… There’s not enough nutrients in those boxed foods to nourish our bodies!

I thoroughly researched the foods that have the necessary nutritional value to fuel our bodies. No more empty calories. We are building  our immune systems up with alkaline, probiotics, chlorophyll, and protein. We came up with a plan called “In Our Fridge”.


About Author

Sarah has always known that making people feel good was her strength. She sees the hidden beauty of everything. Creating a physical look and enhancing ones' self esteem has been her success. Her testimony is her commitment of 16 years as a Cosmetologist. Being a wife and mom of 3 has turned her into a homemaker. Sarah enjoys cooking, diy projects, photography, and traveling to Pier Village in Long Branch, New Jersey with her three little ones. Her kids call her "Dr.Mom" because she always has a natural remedy that cures. At home, she loves experimenting by mixing organic recipes and essential oils for beauty products, and using natural herbs to build the bodies' immune system to prevent sick days. She is the writer of You can also follow her life on Instagram @dam_mrs_chambers