We Love Our Backyard Discovery Playset And Here’s Why— 2023 Edition!


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When our daughter turned three, we decided the moment had come— tired of daily playground hopping, it was time to invest in a playset for our backyard that would give her lots of hours of daily play, build strength and create some fun play dates. We knew finding the right one was a daunting task since this big investment had the potential to be a permanent fixture in our backyard for at least the next decade (and something our infant son would use, too). So we dug into our research, taking into consideration the material, look, size, and of course, the price point, and decided on the Endeavor Playset from Backyard Discovery Playground. And from the moment it was set up in our backyard, it’s been a huge hit with my daughter and us. Read on to find out how it works for our family and what we love about it.

backyard discovery playset endeavor

We knew we wanted our playset in an area of our yard that gets a lot of shade.

Buying A Playset Starts With Research

Like most products I’ve bought as a mom, this process began with a good amount of research, zeroing in on the top-quality playset brands. We set out to find a company with a certain standard of values— quality, ease of setup, product availability (I wanted it delivered in the next month), excellent customer service, and a reasonable price point. My daughter is a “climber” by nature, so our priority was to look for a set that included ladders, rock walls, and rope climb. We debated what material would be more durable (cedar vs. plastic), the max size we could do in our yard, where to put it, and what accessories we would need. Lastly, the price mattered—this is a huge expense that can go up into the thousands sometimes, so we were determined to get the most for our money. But perhaps the most helpful was asking friends and family about their experiences with backyard playsets and what was worth it and what wasn’t. Their insights guided us towards making our ultimate choice.

backyard discovery playset 2

My daughter loves lounging (and snacking) on the saucer swing on her playset. Side note— since this pic was taken, we’ve added seed to the ground to grow a nice soft bed of grass underneath the set.

Why We Chose A Cedar Playset

We chose the Endeavor Playset from Backyard Discovery Playground because it checked all the boxes. Cedar was a top material choice initially since we both grew up with wooden playsets and wanted the same for our kids. Plus, it’s a looker compared to others—the eco-friendly materials blend well into the natural appearance of our backyard. We also liked buying from a reputable brand sold in retail stores, on their website, and even Amazon.

backyard discovery playset

We’ve had so many fun play dates on our set, and can’t wait to retake this pic each year and watch them grow up together (here’s an after picture with the grass growing in nice and plush).

Yet what made the Endeavor Playset from Backyard Discovery Playground stand out is the durability of the materials. Made with 100% cedar, with a small, tight knot structure, the lumber is less likely to develop small cracks emanating from knots. In lab tests, their durable cedar wood proved to be rot-resistant and highly resistant to natural decay. All of their lumber is pre-stained (and beautiful!) for a smooth and clear appearance, and cut and stamped with the part number to help speed up the building process, especially if you DIY. As our kids grow, the wood can bend without breaking. Perhaps the only drawback of a cedar set is that it needs to be maintained over time by sealing it to keep it strong and viable. To keep it up (and save us time), we found a local playset company we could hire to do the maintenance at a reasonable cost. But it’s a small concession we had to make to have a good-looking and durable playset that will carry our kids through their childhood.

backyard discovery playset endeavor

We LOVE all the climbing features of the Endeavor Playset from Backyard Discovery Playground for our little climber.

What We Love Most About Our Backyard Discovery Playset

We’re so happy with how it looks and how it’s holding up, but the best part is how much our daughter enjoys it. She scrambles up the three climbing features and never gets bored of finding new spots to explore. The set comes with a regular swing and bucket swing, and we purchased the additional ring set because she loves to hang on the bar and flip. And when I called to ask several questions about the availability of the set, materials, and assembly, the reps were helpful and informative. Another thing worth noting—Backyard Discovery has an assembly team they work with, which was a total bonus because we weren’t up to assembling it ourselves. After we purchased the playset, the assembly team scheduled the day and time of their setup, three workers came to our house, and within hours, they put it together and cleaned up without a box or rubbish in sight. The best part? The process was quick and easy, being about one month from the time we purchased the playset to installation. Ultimately, we love the new set, but our daughter is the biggest fan—she looks forward to spending hours each day at the new playground we go to now (which just happens to be in our backyard).

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