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This post is sponsored by Consumer Product Testing Labs.

The new year is here, and a little extra cash right now can be just the thing to get 2024 off to a great start. So we’ve got good news— you can earn money with Consumer Product Testing Labs (CPT) and sample brand-new self-care and beauty products before they hit store shelves. Simply sign up, visit the CPT laboratory to qualify, pick up the product, try it at home, and revisit CPT to report back (your feedback helps shape the final product). The best part is that you and your family can test stuff you can use, like face cream and makeup, and family products, like baby wipes and deodorant. With studies updated weekly, there are plenty of chances to sign up now (dates for recent trials are below) and be on the list for future ones. Read on to learn more about current CPT studies, and check back here for updates. (Featured Image Photo: istock/supersizer)

Here are CPT’s newest must-know trials

With studies available for women, men, and kids, CPT is easy to sign up for and do. Click on the links for more in-depth details about each study, and keep in mind the initial visit determines if you qualify. Also, good to note that the studies change and new ones are added frequently, so be sure to like CPT’s Facebook page for daily updates. When you’re ready to commit, check in with them to determine if the study you want is still available. You can also call to make an appointment to get qualified to become a panelist and be notified of the latest studies. FYI—Sunscreen products are tested in their photobiology laboratory, and all take-home studies pay $30 and up, depending on the number of visits and how long the study lasts.

RIPT Patch Back Study #1 for males and females ages 18-79. Visits are in Boonton from January 3-26, the rest from January 27-February 4, and challenge dates are February 5, 6, and 8. Payment is $200 + $25 gas stipend. Refer a friend for their first RIPT study and receive a $40 finder’s fee.

Water Back Study-Skin Type I, II or III for males and females 18-65 years old. Visits are in Fairfield on January 8-10. Payment is $120-$135.

Photo Allergy Back Study-Skin Type I, II or III for males and females 18-70 years old. Visits are in Fairfield on January 25-February 9. Payment is $325 upon completion.

Consumer Perception Evaluation of a Foaming Face Primer Study for females 18-60. Visits are in Fairfield on January 8-February 5 for Group 1 or January 10-February 7 for Group 2. Payment is $200.

RIPT Patch Back Study #2 for males and females ages 18-79. Visits are in Fairfield from January 10-February 2, rest from February 3-11, and challenge visits on February 12, 13, and 15. Payment is $200 + $25 gas stipend. Refer a friend for their first RIPT study and receive a $40 finder’s fee.

14-Day Cumulative Irritation Patch Back Study for males and females 18-79 years old. Visits are in Fairfield from January 16-30. Payment is $200. 

*Exclusive Skin Sensitization Test Study for males 18-65 years old. Visits are January 17-February 9; rest with no visits are February 10 and March 4, and challenge visits are March 5, 7, 9, 11, and 13. Payment is $275+$25 gas stipend. *Cannot participate in another study at the same time.

Consumer Perception of a Brightening Vitamin C Concentrate Study for females 35-60. Visits are in Fairfield from January 18, February 1, and February 29. Payment is $105 upon successful completion.

Future Studies To Come—Call 973-965-8195 and press 5 to get on the list

Get started today

Before you sign up, read what other mamas say about their experiences with reviewing and earning some extra money. Click here to determine what you need to do to become a panelist when you’re ready. If you don’t see anything that piques your interest, you can still register to become a panelist. Stop by CPT to fill out a health profile, and they’ll notify you when a study fits your credentials.

CPT is a global leader in testing personal care, pharmaceutical, and therapeutic products. Since 1975, the company has prioritized integrity when testing products and creating clinical trials.

This post is sponsored by Consumer Product Testing, a company dedicated to providing safe and ethical studies for you and your family.

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CPT Safety Measures Statement:

The health of our panelists and staff is our primary concern. Panelists will be contacted to schedule appointments for all studies, including patch tests. You will only be admitted into the facility if you have a scheduled appointment.

Consumer Product Testing℠ Company, Inc. (CPT℠) has implemented a Biosafety and Security Policy. We based our policy on analyzing best practices and guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), National Safety Council (NSC), and local and state guidance in New Jersey.


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