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Busy moms can all relate to one thing—finding the time for a self-care moment, no matter how small, is a challenge. And that’s what Shaquanda Reese, a certified life coach, was mulling over every time she drank her morning cup of coffee during the first months of the pandemic. She realized that the daily ritual of making and drinking coffee had the potential to be a mindful experience and a way to carve out me time, not only for herself but other moms like her. So, she created Burst Beans Coffee, “The Mindful Coffee Experience”. What makes this coffee experience mindful is that each blend is based on an affirmation to give your subconscious an awakening during the ritual of brewing and sipping. To hear more about this unique coffee experience, we sat down to talk to Shaquanda about coffee, what makes Burst Beans different, and how to incorporate more mindfulness into your daily cup.

Each blend of Burst Beans Coffee highlights a positive affirmation, reminding drinkers to be in the moment and to set an intentional tone for the day.

What inspired you to start Burst Beans?

Coffee has always been a part of my mornings, giving me a connecting point with my husband to talk about our day. But during the pandemic, when we were all homebound, I felt too accessible to everyone. I didn’t have my “me time” because all my worlds collided between work, home, and school for my daughter. I needed to find a way to sneak in some me time, to help me release and balance my responsibilities. I would wake up early and find the time during my morning coffee. I would use that time to journal and meditate each day, and since this morning ritual was separated from my reality, it gave me peace. I thought other moms must have the same struggles, and there might be a way to incorporate this ritual into their me time. As a certified life coach, I encourage the practice of habit-stacking with my clients, which is taking an activity you already do every day and building on it. This is a good way to introduce and integrate a new habit into your daily life. The whole coffee experience activates the senses, and I realized it’s more therapeutic and bigger than just making coffee.

Burst Beans Coffee founder Shaquanda Reese is also a certified life coach.

How different is Burst Beans coffee compared to other coffees?
When I started Burst Beans, I wanted drinkers to feel good about what they’re ingesting. I offer a curated collection of 8 blends, inclusive of one decaf, a k-cup offering, and 3 organic roasts. Burst Beans Coffee provides specialty-grade, roast-to-order coffee. We only source high-quality beans. Our coffee is ethical and sustainable, with passion and care injected throughout the process from farm to cup. Each blend offers a distinct tasting profile, and all our coffee is free from pesticides, fertilizers, herbicides, and other harmful chemicals. Burst Beans Coffee is roasted fresh in small batches in California and shipped fresh to our customers within 48 hours of roasting. Our coffee blends are sourced from farms in Mexico, Tanzania, and all regions of the world. This makes our coffee fresh, less acidic, and less bitter than most other coffees. What also makes us unique is that we offer a coffee subscription service, so you don’t feel frustrated when you run out. We offer a free 12oz bag of coffee when customers sign up for our coffee subscription, which provides weekly, biweekly, or monthly delivery free to your home or office. We are also very proud that our coffee has a purpose, so when you do purchase coffee, you’re doing good as well—we donate a portion of our sales to Mental Health America in
support of their efforts to promote mental health for all.

Carving out time to journal and meditate during a morning coffee ritual can help fill your self-care cup.

How can coffee drinkers use the beans to help their well-being?
It’s a mindful coffee experience because the affirmations included are just as meaningful as the coffee itself, which together helps awaken your subconscious. It’s more than just caffeine—it’s a jolt of positivity to start your morning. It’s also a moment of luxury because it’s so hard to find those little moments dedicated to yourself throughout the day, so the purpose is to be kinder to yourself and be more intentional with carving out that time. Even ten minutes before your family wakes up can be how you fill up what I call your ‘self-care cup’. I see it as a quiet daily ritual either in the morning to help set the tone for the day or evenings to unwind. It’s just having time to quiet your thoughts and be present in the moment.

Burst Beans has eight blends, including three organic and one decaf. Each has a unique affirmation and positive attribute.

What’s next for Burst Beans?

I’m currently working on future brand extensions and affirmation cards, which I will debut later this year. Ultimately my goal for the brand is to provide not only the highest quality coffee but a complete wellness experience to help improve your quality of life. A few minutes a day to refuel and speak positively to yourself—building that into your daily routine can truly help people feel more balanced throughout the day.

The Burst Beans Coffee Collection is available by subscription, single bags, sample packs, and bundles, starting at $23.99.  

This post is sponsored by Burst Beans Coffee, mindful coffee beans to help your mental well-being. 


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