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After our NJMOMpreneur of the week, Tasha Blasi, underwent 10 rounds of in vitro fertilization, she made it her mission to help others do it easier, cheaper and smarter than she did. In fact, she became so passionate about helping others on their IVF journeys that she decided to make it her full-time job. Don’t believe us? She even made up her own word for other brave people going through fertility issues (yes, seriously!). These days, Tasha gives back and guides other moms-and-dads-to-be through the Fertilitites Unite Projectin between mom snuggles, play time and raising her two children, of course!

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Founder of the Fertilitites Unite Project & NJMOMpreneur Tasha Blasi

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NJMOM: What do you offer to your clients and how is it different than other professionals in your field?
Tasha: With the Fertilitites Unite Project—or FU Project for short—I am an integrative fertility coach mostly working with women who are going through in vitro fertilization (IVF). My approach is different from other professionals in my field because of the integrative approach that I use. I have a team of experts, and we work on the whole woman, as well as the four pillars needed to support a pregnancy. These pillars are science, environment, mindset and support.

Truly and fully love yourself first. As moms, we are so quick to give our love and energy to others and we are left depleted. If we can learn to best revive and restore our own energy sources and unconditionally love ourselves first, everyone in our lives, especially our children, benefit.” – NJMOMpreneur Tasha Blasi

NJMOM: What inspired you to get into your line of work?
Tasha: I did 10 rounds of IVF to have my two children, and was helping women for years go through IVF easier, cheaper and smarter than I did. One day, a woman told me that I should do it for a living. I had never thought of that line of work because I didn’t know if it even existed. Six days later, my division at work was shut down and my position was eliminated. It was like my angels gave me a kick in the ass to say, “Go for it!” and the FU Project was born.

NJMOM: What is your favorite part about your business?
Tasha: Watching the women get really positive and empowered in their fertility journey and lives.

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NJMOM: What is your background in your business expertise? 
Tasha: I have degrees in science and taught biology and chemistry for many years. Then I was in advertising, did IVF way too many times and decided to research an industry that has been very one-sided for too long. I brought all of that education together to become an expert.

NJMOM: What are you most proud of in your career? 
Tasha: I am going to be the one person who disrupts a multi-billion dollar industry. That is scary and exciting. And I am proud that I have the abilities to do it.

NJMOM: What is something few people know about you? 
Tasha: I was Andrew “Dice” Clay’s nanny when I lived in Los Angeles. Ha!

NJMOM: What can we expect from you next year – personally and professionally? 
Tasha: Personally, my family and I are going through a ton of changes, starting with my husband—he’ll be leaving his 20-year career on Wall Street to do nutrition and wellness coaching for corporations. So, that also means that both my husband and I will have home offices…which should be interesting! Professionally, I have been approached for some very exciting projects to highlight what I do for a living. I am also rolling out other products, other than the very integrative, intensive, one-on-one program, FU Project Workshop, that will allow me to bring what I know to more people at a lower price point.

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NJMOM: What charitable cause are you most passionate about? 
Tasha: So many, but I will name two. I donate, fundraise and advocate with RESOLVE: The National Infertility Association. I am also very passionate about Fallen Patriots, which raises college tuition money for children who have lost a parent while serving in our military.

NJMOM: Who is your role model? Why?  
Tasha: My role model in my life is my mom. She grew up in very hard conditions and let’s just say, her mother was never going to be nominated for the “Mother of the Year” award. Most people repeat the mistakes of their parents and she chose to change everything that she saw about how her parents parented, and did the exact opposite. At 17 years old she got on a bus and headed out of her hometown. She worked tirelessly all of her life (I remember watching her tar our driveway and paint the outside of our house, and she home-cooked all of our meals).  And she is an amazing athlete—she was too good in racquetball to play with the other women, so they made her join the men’s league and she won the men’s league! My mom is the most loving, generous and supportive mother and Goppy (what the grandkids call her). She is so strong and so beautiful, and I have so much awe and respect for what she became with the cards she was dealt with. She represents the fact that you can either choose to be imprisoned by your circumstances or choose to have freedom through the choices you make.

NJMOM: What is the best piece of advice your mom (or parent/role model) ever gave to you? 
Tasha: Birds of a feather flock together. Your life is highly influenced by the people and things that you choose to surround yourself with and you have to be careful.

NJMOM: Do you have a favorite quote you live by? Why is this quote so important to you?

You do the best with the education and consciousness that you have at the time.”        – Unknown

It is so important to remember this when we are judging ourselves for the choices that we have made or judging other people. The past really weighs you down. Hard. And too many people get held back by the weight of it. The key is to know that you did the best with what you knew at the time and to be thankful that you are stronger and wiser now because of that past lesson. And, speaking of lessons, the only way to make a mistake is to not learn from something that did not go your way. Once you learn from it and move on, it becomes a lesson. So, your past is an accumulation of many lessons that have lead to a very expensive education for you to move forward with today. Don’t waste it!

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NJMOM: What are your favorite things to do in New Jersey with your family?
Tasha: Summertime at our pool is my favorite thing to do. My house is loud and filled with lots of chaos, always.  And the pool brings it to another level. Music is playing, we are yelling at the dog to stop trying to rescue people from the pool, we are cooking inside and outside and playing “Marco Polo” as best as we can with kids that cheat!

NJMOM: What is the best part about being a mom for you? 
Tasha: Knowing that Hudson and Mila picked me to be their mom. After such a long fertility journey, I never thought that I was going to be a mom or a mom again. Mila is almost 5, and I still can’t believe that she finally showed up after wanting her to arrive for so many years.

NJMOM: What are your favorite businesses in New Jersey?
Tasha: If I had unlimited funds, I would shop at Marcia’s Attic in Closter and Hatley in Westwood for clothes. My daughter just finished pre-school at Lindgren in Closter, and I cannot say enough good things about that school. Our friends own Axia in Tenafly, so when I go there, I feel like I am at home.

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NJMOM: Where do you reside and vacation in New Jersey?
Tasha: I live in Cresskill and vacation in Cresskill. I would love to get to the beach towns more, but we just don’t.  I think it is because we have a pool and it is so convenient.

NJMOM: What advice might you have for a fellow NJMOMpreneur who is just starting out? 
Tasha: Do not figure it out on your own. Find a coach to help guide you each step of the way. And once you grow out of that coach, find another. I could not have grown my business as fast as I have without many coaches and consultants.

NJMOM: Anything else you’d like to tell moms in New Jersey? 
Tasha: Truly and fully love yourself first. As moms, we are so quick to give our love and energy to others and we are left depleted. If we can learn to best revive and restore our own energy sources and unconditionally love ourselves first, everyone in our lives, especially our children, benefit.

For more information about the FU Project, follow along on Tasha’s website, Facebook and Instagram.


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