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New Jersey is home to many ambitious and talented women who juggle family, career and home. A select few of these women are also extremely busy building their own companies to help better manage the whole work-life balance. At NJ Mom, we want to highlight these extraordinary women building NJ businesses and learn the secret to their success.


Functional Medicine Practitioner, Pharmacist and NJ Mompreneur: Inna Lukyanovsky

Inna Lukyanovsky is the NJ Mompreneur and owner of Real Health Solutions LLC. NJ Mom had the wonderful opportunity to ask Inna a few questions about her business and herself; here’s what she had to share.


NJ Mompreneur and Real Health Solutions LLC owner, Inna Lukyanovsky

NJMOM: What do you offer to your clients and how is it different than other professionals in your field?

Inna: Conventional approach to medicine used to mean patching up the symptoms. I guarantee my clients a very individualized approach to a different modality in medicine called Functional Medicine where we look for the root cause of the illness.
To foster complete healing, we offer a personalized approach where my patients get a lot of health education along with wellness plans. They bring this new knowledge to their families, making everyone in their family healthier.
I collaborate with other natural and traditional practitioners if there’s a need. For example, I wanted to speed up the healing process for my recent teen patient and asked 2 natural practitioners (hypnotherapist and pure Bioenergy therapist) to collaborate and it was a really quick result for a young girl with severe migraines. A 33 year old woman came in with Crohn’s and her GI doctor was working with me so the patient got the most out of the treatments. A 55 year old came in with menopause symptoms that resolved very quickly on the wellness plan I did for her. I also recommended acupuncture treatments for her overall benefit.
My choice to work with Functional Medicine was made since it is a very smart approach using a 3 body system method: adrenal/hormones, digestive and detox. We use functional diagnostic labs: saliva, stool and urine to get to know the root cause of the illness. Also, what gives clients great results is when I incorporate lymphatic detox in my office if there’s a need for certain patients.
A recent 34 year old patient came in with fertility problems. I recommended nutritional changes, and we worked with her cycle, adding the nutrients she was missing, and safe detox for her. She was pregnant shortly after and now this baby will be even healthier because the mom was naturally detoxed. Quite often when you are trying to conceive you want to make sure your body is fully nourished and detoxed for the next 9 months of pregnancy as well as the following year after pregnancy. You want to make sure your hormones are naturally balanced after having the baby. All this is possible with Functional medicine. It is safe and effective and if that’s what you are looking for it is pretty cost effective too.
What also stands me apart from other practitioners is my educational background, constant continuing education and communication skills. I have a conventional pharmacy degree from a prestigious school as well as lots of education in non-conventional healthcare.

Inna and her son

NJMOM: What inspired you to come up with the idea for your business?

Inna: I started my business after I got sick and went through a few years journey to my healing. I was a traditional pharmacist for many years until I got diagnosed with Crohn’s disease. Taking medications for this condition made me very weak and I was looking for more natural healing options. I tried and actually learned many modalities in natural medicine. I even visited John of G-d in Brazil for spiritual healing, however, my health wasn’t improving as much as I wanted, until I learned the Functional Medicine approach.Then I started healing. Also, this analysis based method fits me perfectly since we all want to understand exactly what is happening to the body and when we know those answers it makes us feel safe.

Inna and her family

NJMOM: What is your favorite part about your business?

Inna: It is an incredible feeling to get these positive feedbacks from patients. I hear anything from: “You gave me my life back”,  “I can’t believe my stomach is doing great after years and years of pain” to “Thank you for helping my mommy, she now has the energy to spend with us and cooks these wonderful things for us”. One of the most recent ones:
“My daughter was going from one office to another with no result until she came to Real Health Solutions, it’s been only 6 weeks and her skin cleared completely, no rashes, no itchiness, she can sleep trough the night. Amazing. I want to be your patient, too!”
Inna and her son

Inna and her son

NJMOM: What is your background in your business expertise?

Inna: Ever since I graduated from Long Island University in 1996 with a Pharmacy degree I never stopped learning. 2001 I got certified as a geriatric pharmacist staying certified for 10 years. Then my journey took me on a natural path I learned on my own about natural botanicals, homeopathic preparations, acupressure points, got trained as a lymphatic detox specialist, and in 2010 I get certified in the Functional Medicine, Kalish method. I’m also working on my doctorate degree from University of Florida, expecting to graduate in 2017.

NJMOM: Who is your role model?

Inna: I have at least few role models and probably many more real life friends and moms that inspire me every day.
I would say Margaret Cavendish, going back in history. She is considered a mother of science fiction and was a scientist with a strong focus on natural sciences.
Also, Elizabeth Holmes who created a device at a very young age that can save lives.
I love Meryl Streep as well! She makes her family a number one priority. All these Hollywood parties are non-sense to her when she has four great, talented kids waiting to spend quality time with their mom.
Inna and her family

Inna and her family

NJMOM: What’s the best piece of advice your mom ever gave to you?

Inna: My mom reassured me to pursue my carrier goal, my mom saw that I’m the type of person who would need her career as much as being a mom.
Inna and her family

Inna and her family

NJMOM: Do you have a favorite quote you live by?

The Greatest Wealth is Health!
It’s an important quote for me because I’ve been so sick myself before to know the value of real health and it’s an essence of my practice.

NJMOM: What are your favorite things to do in New Jersey with your family?

Inna: We love apple picking, going to the movies, going to see the holiday lights together, and visiting the Jersey Shore in a summertime. I find the ocean very calming.

 NJMOM: What is the best part about being a mom for you?

Inna: I love to feel the connection with my kids whatever we decide to do. I love to feel present in those moments and enjoy every part of motherhood: the good and the bad. I love the quiet time with kids when all you want to do is cuddle together. I love talking to my older ones and learn from them. They are so educated and smart nowadays you can learn a thing or two. I love when my older kids have an opinion and able to support it with facts. I love that they are such great independent thinkers.
Inna promoting Real Health Solutions at Marlboro Day

Inna promoting Real Health Solutions at Marlboro Day

NJMOM: What are your favorite businesses in New Jersey?

Inna: I really like to shop in Wegman’s and Whole Foods because they have lots of fresh organic and gluten free food. I love the feel of small family shops too, such as the gluten free vegan bakery called Papa Ganache in Matawan. More and more restaurants are opening up with gluten free options and/or menus like Carlos Pizzeria in Marlboro has a large gluten free menu. We love the food from the Greek restaurant in Manalapan called Anemos. The food is always fresh, delicious and they accommodate our gluten free requests.
Inna with Dr. Kalish

Inna with Dr. Kalish

NJMOM: Where do you reside and vacation in New Jersey?

Inna: We live in Marlboro, New Jersey and it’s such a great town for families. So many activities available for my children in the Rec Center and the schools are wonderful. We moved here from Brooklyn, NY specifically for that reason.

NJMOM: Anything else you’d like to tell moms in New Jersey?

Inna: It’s very important to me to continue pursuing my mission to help people heal with a personal touch. I truly believe that patients need personalized attention to completely heal. It’s just as important for me to be involved in my family’s life which is why I chose my physical practice to be next to home. I think in this modern world patient’s benefit greatly from true “patient in the center” approach and I’m a big believer in personalized collaborative patient care too.
My physical practice is here in Marlboro, NJ. I also work with patients from all over: on the phone or Skype. I specialize in natural female hormone balancing, PMS, menopause, Crohn’s disease, colitis as well as safe and effective detox. We also offer an amazing lymphatic detox with LET(lymphatic enhancement technology). The programs are very beneficial, I am very experienced and we also offer cost-effective membership options. Functional medicine can benefit your entire family, it works!
To schedule an appointment with Inna or to learn more, call 732-414-6223 or visit, www.realhealthsolutionsllc.com.

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