Things You Gain When You Have Children


While you may loose a lot when you have kids – sleep, time, freedom – you also gain a lot when you have children as well. In the case of having children, the gains definitely both good and bad.


Dealing with your children no matter what age they are calls for a great amount of patience. It takes a lot of energy not to get mad at your kids no matter what degree of mischief they are into. Whether your baby won’t stop crying or your tween always gives you attitude, patience is something all mothers must have when they have children.


If you think paying your bills, working a full time job, and managing a house are a lot of responsibility just wait until you have kids. You will gain the most amount of responsibility you will have in your entire life when you have children. I mean you are responsible for the life of another human being, what task could call for more responsibility?

Greater sense of love

After marriage you may have thought that you could never love someone as much as your significant other. You may have thought no one could ever be as in love with someone as you are with your spouse. You may have though a million things about love, but all of them were wrong. They were wrong because once you have children the love you have for them is greater than anything you’ve ever known.

Respect for your parents

As you’ve grown older you’ve gained a newfound respect for your parents, but when you have children the respect you have for your parents sky-rockets by a million. With each year your child grows, you will have more and more respect for your parents because you are finally dealing with the things that you put them through. From the craziness of having little ones to the drama of having teenagers, you definitely see the situation from a new perspective and love your parents even more for raising you.

3 Pairs of Yoga Pants

Before motherhood maybe you owned one pair of yoga pants…and they were actually for yoga. But after you have your first child, your number of yoga pants increases. One of the many things you gain when you have children is more active wear.  You’ll need to keep up with your little one and the only way to do that is to be comfy!



About Author

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