6 Life Lessons From Your Toddler


So you’ve been through twelve years of schooling, plus college, and maybe grad school or more, yet you will still learn more from your children than you could have ever learned sitting at a desk in chemistry class.

You had your English, Sciences, Math, History, Art and other classes you thought would be so important in your life, but the truth is the real lessons that mean the most will be the ones you learn from your kids. Although your children are nowhere near as certified as your professor from college, they are still the best teachers you will ever have. The things you will learn from your toddler will get you through life better than any calculus formula you learned senior year of high school. Chances are you’ve probably forgotten that ancient calculus formula anyway, but you will never forget what your kids teach you.

Here are 6 lessons you will learn from your toddler:

1. Naps are key

Whether or not your toddler will want to go down for a nap, they must in order to avoid a mid-day meltdown at the grocery store. The same rule applies to you. Don’t try to be a supermom and fight through the day without taking a rest because we all know that will never work. Your toddler will teach you that you must embrace naps in order to recharge for the rest of the day. A little snooze never did any harm. It will make you feel better and show your toddler mommy needs naps too. Of all the things you will learn from your toddler, this one will help your mental stability the most.

2. It is okay to cry

Mommies can have meltdowns too. Like your toddler, you are fragile too. Don’t be ashamed if you start breaking down in the middle of a Disney movie or if you’re on the phone with your mom. Your toddler has no problem crying over spilled milk, so why should you? And it’s okay to let your little one see you cry. Let them know they’re not the only one with an emotional side.

3. Cherish Daddy Time

When your husband comes home from work your toddler will run up to him and embrace him and want to play with him all night long. You will get just as excited to see daddy too, because you can spend time with him all night long as well. After you put the kids to sleep, don’t forget to cherish the alone time you have with your significant other. Because your husband is at work all day, your child’s time with him is limited, and so is yours, so make sure you really embrace that one on one time.

4. Work Hard, Play Hard

In the same way your toddler will learn that potty training is not as fun as it looks, you also learn that motherhood is not always as fun as it looks. There will be some hard days filled with many tears, diapers, and throw up, but the key is to remember to have fun. Your toddler is always up for a game of duck duck goose and you should be too. Well, maybe not exactly duck duck goose, but you should always be up for some fun. You’ve worked so hard all week caring for your kids, working, cooking, cleaning, so you deserve a night out. One of the things you will learn from your toddler is you have to balance work and play. After a tough day of potty training or motherhood, you both deserve some fun time. Don’t forget that.

5. You don’t always have to be on your best behavior

You will quickly learn that at the most inconvenient times your toddler will be on their worst behavior. They will throw a tantrum and will not stop until they are satisfied. Take notes mommy. Don’t be a pushover. If the insurance company is being a bitch, make sure you let them now what you want and don’t stop until you get it. You don’t always have to be the smiling, cheerful mommy your kids know you as. One of the things you will learn from your toddler is you have to have some edge to get what you want.

6. Grandma is your fairy godmother

One of the things you will learn from your toddler is that grandma = treats. Your little one will get so excited to spend the day with grandma because she will spoil them to no end, but she will be spoiling you too! You will get some mommy time alone to relax or more likely go grocery shopping, but at least you don’t have to drag your kids around the store. Instead of granting you candy and treats, your fairy godmother grants you peace and quiet, so remember to embrace and love your fairy godmother.



About Author

Abby Jurgens is a student at Villanova University majoring in Communications and minoring in Creative Writing and Spanish. She lives in Bergen County, NJ with her parents and older sister. Although she is in love with her hometown of Wyckoff and enjoys dining at Café Amici there, Abby also loves going to Cape May every summer with her family and eating at Panico’s. While at home in Wyckoff, you can find Abby playing sports with friends, listening to country music, and helping her mom in the kitchen. Family is very important to her and she loves any minute she gets to spend with all of her relatives. She also loves to read and write because everyone’s words are so different and unique; she loves hearing the way people use their voices.