3 Must-Have Halloween Photos


Halloween is such a fun holiday! It’s a chance for kids to get lost in their imagination and pretend to be their favorite characters. With all the excitement of the day though, it can be easy to miss out on photo ops that capture all the action.

Here are 3 must-have photos for Halloween and how you can document them:

1. Your Child’s Costume. Don’t wait until you’re about to head out the door to go trick or treating. You’ll never get your child to take a picture when there’s candy to be collected. Instead, get them dressed up a few days before and snap away. Make sure you capture the details of their costume. The accessories. The masks. Their trick-or-trick bag. Get in close to isolate all of the fun elements! Choose a spot in your yard with lots of shade so the lighting is nice and even. Ask the kids to get in to character too. If they are the Big Bad Wolf, ask them to growl. If they are a super hero, ask them to show you their muscles. Let their personalities shine through!

halloween little girl

2. Your Precious Pet. Is Fido dressing up this year? Don’t forget about your four legged friends on Halloween. Pets can be difficult to photograph since they’re always on the go. The key is patience. Take your time and wait for the moment to present itself. Give them a bone to chew on while you snap away. Another trick is to get in some extra play time to tire them out and they might be more willing to pose for your picture.

halloween pet dog

3. Trick-or-Treating Fun. If you head out before dark, bring your camera along to capture the excitement of going door to door. Because it’s usually getting darker you’re going to want to turn on your flash. Resist the urge! Halloween is all about mood. Embrace the shadows and the darkness. If it’s getting too dark, wait until your child gets near a light source like a porch light, street light, candlelight, or use your cell phone’s flashlight to brighten things up!

halloween little girl

Whether you bring your digital camera or just use your cell phone, it’s important to document the fun of the holidays. Halloween is just the beginning of a busy season of memory making!



About Author

Stacy Canzonieri was born and raised in NJ. She lives in Florham Park with her husband, daughters Julianna and Jaime, and her sweet pitbull Lady. Stacy owns Stacy Mae Photography where she photographs perfectly imperfect families all over Morris County. Her favorite spots for pictures are the Frelinghuysen Arboretum and Bayne Park. Stacy also created an online course called Click & Capture Your Everyday to teach moms how to photograph their kids. Sign up for her Instagram Challenge and get daily prompts and photography tips. http://www.stacymaephotography.com/instagramchallenge