5 Reasons New Jersey is Awesome for Families


As Jersey girls we might get embarrassed with all of the, let’s say, interesting portrayals of our wonderful state on television. From Jersey Shore to The Real Housewives of NJ, we seem to be getting a bad rap in the eyes of avid television watchers. Trashy, dramatic, and ridiculous are just a few of the horrible words used to describe New Jersey. However, as all Jersey natives know, these accusations are false. New Jersey is a great place for families to live. For all of the doubters and out of staters, here are 5 reasons New Jersey is awesome for families.

1. Perfect Location

Although we may be referred to as the “armpit of America,” those of us who live here in New Jersey know that ridiculous name is just used by jealous out of staters. The location of New Jersey is prime. Because we are located on the edge of the country, we have the pleasure of being neighbors with the Atlantic Ocean. This provides for amazing beaches up and down the entire state. Perfect for family vacations, every New Jersey resident knows that the beaches here are beautiful, fun, and family friendly. New Jersey is also in a perfect location because it is close to two major cities: Philadelphia and New York. More central and south Jersey residents have the luxury of Philly being so close to them. A short drive can provide for a day full of fun and history for all families. On the other hand, northern Jersey residents have the pleasure of New York City being so close to them. A quick commute can bring any family to the Big Apple for a weekend filled with endless possibilities.

2. Food, Food, Food

Every Jersey resident knows that if you want great Italian food, this is the state to be in. From pizza to pasta and chicken parm, New Jersey has some of the best Italian food in the country, and your kids will not be disappointed. Not only do we have amazing dinner items, we also kill the breakfast game. Everyone knows if you want a bagel, you should come to New Jersey. Sure you can get hard, bland, cardboard-like circles of dough that other states claim to be bagels, but you will never get a real bagel until you are in New Jersey. And another thing about breakfast items is that New Jersey is the home of Taylor Ham. Other states may call this delicious breakfast meat a “pork roll,” but true New Jersey residents know it is called Taylor Ham and know that combined with egg and cheese on a perfect Jersey bagel is the best breakfast there is. And last but not least, we aren’t called the Garden State for nothing! New Jersey is awesome because of the tomatoes, corn, and other yummy yet healthy vegetables, which are perfect for kids.

3. Role Models

One of the reasons New Jersey is awesome for families is because of the people that came from here. When we talk about the famous people from New Jersey we mean the ones that are good role models for our children. From music legend Bruce Springsteen to Seinfeld star Jason Alexander and Women’s Soccer player Carli Lloyd, New Jersey is the home to some pretty spectacular people. In addition, Whitney Houston, Jon Bon Jovi, and Frank Sinatra are all from New Jersey. Football star Victor Cruz, producer Danny Devito, and actor Michael Douglas are all Jersey natives as well. Here in NJ, we have it all. With the athletes, the actors, the singers, and so much more our state is home to so much culture and tradition.

4. Summer, Winter, Fall, Spring

Living in New Jersey is awesome because we get to experience the beauty of every season. Kids love playing in the colorful leaves in Fall or sledding on the sparkling snowfalls of Winter. They love to enjoy the budding flowers of Spring and the sunny days of summer as well. Each season has its own unique qualities that take our breath away with its beauty. People in other states never get to experience the luxury of having four true seasons. Although some states go from Summer to Winter throughout the year, they miss out on the key seasons of Fall and Spring. Each of the four seasons has something wonderful and in New Jersey we are lucky enough to experience it all.

5. No Gas Pumping Required

If you live in New Jersey you’ve seen the various shirts, license plates, and bumper stickers claiming “Jersey girls don’t pump gas,” and it is no joke. New Jersey is awesome because in mid January when the snow is falling and the temperatures are frigid, its residents don’t have to get out of their cars to pump gas into their cars. We get to sit in the heated comfort of our cars instead of freezing our hands off. This is just one perk of living in New Jersey.

So for all of the doubters out there the location, food, people, seasons, and gas are five reasons why New Jersey is awesome, and we couldn’t be more proud of these things.

About Author

Abby Jurgens is a student at Villanova University majoring in Communications and minoring in Creative Writing and Spanish. She lives in Bergen County, NJ with her parents and older sister. Although she is in love with her hometown of Wyckoff and enjoys dining at Café Amici there, Abby also loves going to Cape May every summer with her family and eating at Panico’s. While at home in Wyckoff, you can find Abby playing sports with friends, listening to country music, and helping her mom in the kitchen. Family is very important to her and she loves any minute she gets to spend with all of her relatives. She also loves to read and write because everyone’s words are so different and unique; she loves hearing the way people use their voices.