5 Reasons A Pediatric ER Is Better For Your Child


No mom wants to find herself in the emergency department with her little. It’s scary for kiddos and parents. But, I can tell you in my four short years of parenting three little ones, we have ended up in the pediatric ER a few times due to minor accidents and illnesses that warranted a closer look. Thankfully, my littles were okay and mama got the extra reassurance I needed—but knowing where the closest pediatric ER is located can make a world of difference, both medically and in terms of the overall experience for your child. There’s a big difference when a hospital has a pediatric emergency department, and we recently got a look at the brand new one at Clara Maass Medical Center, an RWJBarnabas Health Facility.

Keeping kids and moms calm during an emergency

With 13 spacious private rooms, a separate waiting and reception area, and a calming and bright aquatic theme throughout, I immediately noticed an important feeling of ease and comfort in the department. Then, there’s the medical expertise—knowing that the doctors who are treating your child in an emergency are dedicated pediatricians, who in many cases are certified in multiple specialties, is a huge plus for any mom who wants to get to the root of the problem and have her baby feeling better as quickly as possible. All of the necessary medical equipment is actually broken down by age, which is comforting because we all know treating a 2-year-old is a lot different than treating a 12-year-old. This makes things easier for doctors and nurses, which in turn makes treatment a lot quicker for your baby. For children who need to be kept a little longer for monitoring, there’s also a separate area for that within the department. This area even has specialized features like pressurized rooms, for a case of an illness that needs to be quarantined. The department is impressive from start to finish.

clara maass medical center, rwjbarnabas health, pediatric emergency departmentOne of the private rooms in the Pediatric ER at Clara Maass Medical Center

As moms, we will do anything to help our babies get through a frightening time. Having the separate, quieter space of a pediatric emergency department, along with specialists who are solely dedicated to children’s care can mean a world of difference during an emergency.

For more information on Clara Maass Medical Center and its new pediatric emergency department, click here.

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