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Let’s face it. Feeling stressed out all the time is no fun for you or your family.

From taking care of your kids, work deadlines, carpools, family obligations, bills to pay, food to buy and dinner to cook, you are probably wondering if it’s possible to feel anything other than stressed out. Parents today have a full plate. Too full.

Not to stress you out further, but did you know that stress is contagious? Crazy, right?  Like the common cold, the latest brain research shows that children’s stress increases by simply being around a parent who is stressed-out. And, stress has been found to effect children’s sleep, health, happiness, grades, focus, communication and overall attitude.

What’s a mom to do?

After over a decade of experience working with families throughout the country, the Valued Parent THRIVE SYSTEM was created to help parents’ breakthrough this cascading stress effect.  This system offers a holistic approach to parenting and combines psychology, social work, prevention, wellness and family systems. The 6 steps of the THRIVE system include:

  1. “T” Take time for yourself, your children and your partner– In a society where everyone is always on the go, slowing down and finding time to connect may be challenging but it’s critical to creating a happy, healthier and more relaxed home.
  2. “H” Honor your boundaries- If you are someone who says yes when you really mean no, this step will be a game-changer for you. When you learn to set healthy boundaries with your children and in all areas of your life, you feel more energized. Plus, it teaches your children an important lesson about taking care of themselves.
  3. “R” Relate and communicate with respect- Families that THRIVE know how to talk to one another with respect even when emotions are running hot. With the THRIVE system your family will learn the art of listening to one another so everyone feels heard and understood.
  4. “I” Inspire your children to reach their goals and follow their dreams. Teaching your children to move towards their goals from a place of inspiration rather than fear, worry or doubt sets them up for inevitable success.
  5. “V” Value Clarification. Taking the time to clarify your family values is an essential step that is often overlooked. This clarity will allow you to make better decisions, manage time more effectively, feel more confident with your parenting techniques, stay on the same page as your parenting partner and drop some of your mommy guilt.
  6. “E” Set Up Your EnvironmentThe messages you give yourself, the food you eat and the way you live make a tremendous difference in how you feel. This last step offers super easy and effective tips to set your internal (mind and body) and external (home) environment up for success.

On April 13th at 8:00 p.m. we are holding a live FREE Teleclass and will dive deeper into these 6 steps. By the time you hang up, you will have some juicy tips on how to:

  • Create a more relaxed, happier and healthier home.
  • Protect yourself and your family from the harmful effects of stress.
  • Raise confident, fulfilled and self-motivated children.
  • Connect with your children, improving communication and respect (These tips will work from the toddler to teen years and beyond).
  • And more!

Space is limited so make sure to reserve your spot, click here today!


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About Author

Corinne Pecile, MSW & Allison Reinking, MA, CHHC Bio Corinne & Allie are the co-founders of the Valued Parent LLC. They are on a mission to help moms reduce their stress, live a life that lights them up and raise happy, healthy confident children. In addition to being an MSW, Corinne is the mom of 2 amazing little guys and a total foodie. In her free time you can find her trolling the aisles of the Tenafly Farmer’s market, looking for recipe ingredients. As a family, she loves visiting Van Saun Park with her boys and watching their faces light up when they see the Prairie Dogs. Their favorite restaurant for family celebrations is Locale in Closter. Allie is a passionate mom of a funny and fabulous little girl and is awaiting the arrival of a baby boy in January. She is a bit of a health nut, an adventure seeker and over all lover of life. Allie has her MA in psychology and is a certified health, life and career coach. When she is not working you can find her hiking through Hartshorne Woods Park or taking a yoga class. She loves exploring different playgrounds with her daughter and visiting the Jersey Shore beaches with her family. To learn more about their professional experience and backgrounds visit www.valuedparent.com.