Give Back During National Blood Donor Month This January


We can do better, New Jersey. According to The Red Cross, someone in the U.S. needs blood every 2 seconds. Yet, since 2013, the total blood collected (in New Jersey) has continually decreased since 2013 and New Jersey has failed to meet the transfusion needs of NJ citizens since 1996 (with the exceptions of 2001 and 2008)– according to the New Jersey Department of Health’s 2015 Blood Use Report. These are startling stats considering so many of us meet the requirements to donate blood. This January, during National Blood Donor Month, we’re asking you to help out where you can and donate blood during the winter months when it’s especially difficult to keep up with the demand of cold and flu season. Facilities nationwide need your help, but most importantly another mother or child is depending on it.

Get your family involved and help out fellow New Jersey families in need

New Jersey requires blood donors to be at least 17-years-old (16 with parental consent). For more information on blood donor eligibility, click here. If you are unable to give blood, there are ways to help the cause in New Jersey through your efforts and awareness.

It’s inspirational to know that in just 30 minutes, I can donate blood to help 3 other people and perhaps save a life. It’s a great way to pay it forward, as we never know when the need might arise for a loved one or ourselves.”
– Margaret Berry, School Nurse, Mary Kay McMillin Early Childhood Center

Blood donation vs. Platelet donation:

Whole Blood is the most common form of blood donations. Approximately a pint of blood is taken for patients in need of a blood transfusion. Platelets are a key clotting component of blood often needed by cancer patients, burn victims, and bone marrow recipients.
Blood can be donated safely every 56 days. Platelets can be donated safely every 7 days, up to 24 times per year
Shelf life of 42 days Shelf life of 5 days – Short shelf life means a higher demand for donations

Unable to donate blood? Here’s how you can help:

Deferrals can happen for a number of reasons, including flu-like symptoms, recent travel destinations, medications, medical conditions, or low hemoglobin (a protein that carries oxygen in your red blood cells). Whether you are temporarily deferred, deferred for an extended period of time, or your little ones are looking to get involved, there are still many ways to help out.

SleevesUp Virtual Blood Drives: Create your own online campaign to honor a loved one or a cause that is dear to your heart. Promote your campaign to friends and your community, and watch as individuals pledge to donate on your cause’s behalf.

Send an eCard inviting friends and family to donate: Inspire those closest to you by taking the incentive to reach out directly. Challenge your friends and family to give back this season by pledging to donate blood.

Volunteer at a blood drive: Make an impact while learning new skills, meeting new people in your community, and doing good by helping organizations like the American Red Cross, who run almost entirely on the goodwill of local volunteers.

Organize a blood drive at your local high school: According to Community Blood Services, high school students are responsible for 10% of New Jersey’s blood donations. Hosting a local blood drive is a great way to engage with the community while promoting blood donation education to students and parents. Community Blood Services awards scholarships to students who achieve a high level of donations. You can also request free hosting information from the American Red Cross here.

Make a financial donation: It is easy to make a financial contribution to Disaster Relief, your Local Red Cross, or “Where it is needed most,” with the click of a mouse. Or opt to make a cash donation to Central Jersey Blood Center.

Schedule an appointment to donate:

American Red Cross: Call 1-800-RED CROSS (1-800-733-2767) or visit Donors can also use the Red Cross Blood Donor App, which is free and available for download.

Central Jersey Blood Center: Call 1-888-71-BLOOD (888-712-5663) or visit Locations throughout New Jersey.

B Positive Plasma: Visit Locations in Cherry Hill, College Park, and Glassboro.

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